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I wish there was a way for us to express our frustration at some of the changes that are introduced

I wish there was a way for us to express our frustration at some of the changes that are introduced

I'm not really looking for a solution, because I know there isn't any. But it's very disempowering to suddenly have an app that you pay for and use on a very regular basis to change underneath you and rip user behaviour away. The only way we can express our frustration is through social media and (possibly) this forum.


In my case, the specific instance I'm referring to is the one of the randomized "add to playlist" order that was suddenly introduced with the new overhaul. I'm constantly using playlists as a way to organize music that I'm sourcing for DJ material. Having to search through all my playlists everytime I add a song is an absolute nightmare and it's completely killed the joy of searching for music for me.


I know that there's an "Idea" to solve this:


but I find it mind-blowing that this used to work just fine and then suddenly got destroyed because someone thought it was a great idea.


I just wanted to vent somewhere because it often seems like these things just go into the void and no one at spotify really listens. 

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Couldn't agree more!

I hope it'll soon be possible again, because now it's nothing but frustrating to create a playlist while using a mobile device. 

I don't understand why we're not able to have our playlists displayed by custom order while adding new songs to them. 

Agreed. SPOTIFY PLEASE FIX THIS!  I use spotify to organize my music collection and when you have like 75-100 playlists, trying to add that sweet track you just heard while driving becomes impossible. I've started to use emoji's so i can tell playlists apart while scrolling through the giant list of them. Also... WHAT RIDICULOUS ORDER ARE MY PLAYLISTS IN?  WHY DONT THEY STAY THAT WAY?  


its very frustrating



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