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OnePlus 7 Pro No Track Listing In Car.

OnePlus 7 Pro No Track Listing In Car.







(OnePlus 7 Pro)

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I recently upgraded my phone to the OnePlus 7 Pro. I previously had a Samsung Galaxy 7. When using Spotify on my previous phone I've encountered no issues at all with that device. I usually play music in the car and connect to my Bluetooth. My car has the Uconnect system for Bluetooth. My issues are: When I turn on the Spotify app and connect my info screen does not show the track that is playing. It would just say the name of my phone and track listing as "UNKNOWN". I am also unable to go to the next track with the functions on my steering wheel as well.  I tried to replicate the same setting from my old phone. However, that didn't work. Can someone please help. 


Thank You In Advance. 


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Hey there. same here. Yesterday i had a chat with the support team of Oneplus. i tried to wipe my op7pro and try again. but nothing changed... oneplus accepted my feedback and now they will try to fix this bug on the next update fyi..


Hey @KT7483 and @merterbahar,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, and apologies for the late reply!

This sounds like an issue which we are aware of and currently investigating.


Make sure to head over to this thread, where you can keep track of our progress. We'll keep you posted in the thread and let you know as soon as we have any updates.


Let us know if there's anything else 😉

Hello. i hope you will find a solution fast before i get rid of my phone... as you know from this moment spotify is isdispencible.. =))

Again, I could be using other "music apps" but I enjoy using Spotify to
stream music. Hopefully an update is in the works as I know you update the
app every so often. It's to the point where I physically have to restart my
phone and then the app works in my car. Yet, when I exit my vehicle and
come back in to it again no function. It's a hassle and frustrating. Just
want it to work.

Same here and waiting for an easy patch but they do not want to make it as i understand. this is such an easy patch to update...

I'm having the same issue. Using only spotify on my Uconnect radio with my OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 7 Pro. All other apps seem to work correctly. All songs are showing Unknown and skip doesn't work via bluetooth. Would've thought it was OnePlus related but it's only on Spotify so I doubt it.

so you think it could be solved by spotify? not oneplus?

I'm only thinking it's a Spotify issue due to only doing it on Spotify. If you download the version of Spotify that's It works perfectly fine which is odd! That's a decently old version. But something obviously changed between then and updated versions.

Hello Peter,

It's been at least I would put it at least 3 months give or take with as to what's taking place with the issue. Other people are experiencing the same issue as well and I'm coming to the conclusion that your hesitant to help resolve this matter. Has anyone looked into this at all? Has test been done with the Uconnect Bluetooth with a OnePlus 7 Pro phone? From a previous reply I have to do the following just to rig up my device in my car. When I just want simplicity. I mainly use my OnePlus 7 Pro for everything. Yet I have to turn on my mobile hotspot on my OP7 Pro, go-to my old phone then turn on Bluetooth and wifi and it works. But playing is through my OLD PHONE. When I don't want to do that at all. I' e come to the point where you might read this and blow it off. Like it would magically be fixed on it's own. Not just me but others are still waiting for a fix. We have other choices as to were we can stream music. What's the point if no one cares to update us on a fix. It just a simple uninstall of the app. So, Peter find someone to run some tests and get something fixed. Is it that hard.. SMH! 

It's crazy because I thought it was a problem wrong with my car instead of my 7 pro but then my brother connected his OnePlus 6 to my car and it worked flawlessly and showed the song information it's sad seeing there's no update for it yet 😞 after this long hopefully they update it in time for Android 10 release

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