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Inbox Crash - Samsung

Inbox Crash - Samsung

I have a rooted Galaxy note 3. I have been running previous versions of spotify with no issues. Recently updated and now whenever i try clicking inbox the app closes. It was working fine before. i was able to install a previous version from backup and access my inbox but now it doesnt work at all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. multiple versions. now i am just sitting with the current version. I am a premium customer. If the mobile app doesn't work, why am I paying for it...

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Works fine on my Note 3. If rebooting the phone and removing spotify then reinstalling from Play doesn't fix it, you could get in touch with the customer support guys just in case there's something strange happened on your account. If your account is OK they may want you to revert to the stock ROM (if you're running a custom ROM) so be warned!


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