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Internet needed

Internet needed

Since a few days i need internet to see my profile and playlists. I downloaded the playlists and a few days ago i didn't need internet to play the downloaded songs. Now i have to use internet. When i played one song, i can turn off the internet and play the songs without internet.

Can someone help me how i don't need internet to open my profile and playlists?
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I assume you're talking about putting spotify into offline mode? As far as I know, the only section which should work in offline mode is "Your Music" and you should be able to play any downloaded songs from there. The offline message which appears is because the app opens on the Home screen when launched but can't display anything as the information is stored on the spotify servers.

Just swipe from the left, hit Your Music and you should be good to go. If this isn't working for you please shout.

No i'm not talking about the offline modus. The offline modus works.

But when i don't have internet (for example on holiday in another country) i also want to play my music. A few days ago i could open the app and play the downloaded music without using the interney. Now i get the message "you're offline. Connect with internet to open your profile and music".

Is this maybe because you need to go online every 30 days?

I'm sorry. I know why it didn't work. Problem solved! I had to go to "my library" not to "home"......

Like I said 🙂 Glad you got it sorted.

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