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Is Spotify corrupting my SD card?

Is Spotify corrupting my SD card?



In one week's time (total duration I've owned my Galaxy S4, SanDisk 64 microSD card and spotify), I've lost all data on my SD card after I've done large spotify downloads + phone restarts. With the way Spotify stores all of its data, does this somehow trigger Android to show corruption? Both times, I was prompted "your sd card is damaged" and it forced me to format.


I just put in a return for the SanDisk and ordered a Samsung; however I'm curious to as if there are known issues with Spotify possibly being the culprit for corruption on microSD cards.



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Hi. I've recently seen just one other post about SD card problems (so far).



I replaced my card with a Samsung and already had the problem once. There's nothing going to my SD card except Spotify ... how we gain the attention of the developers to confirm/deny there is a problem here?

I'm not sure they *could* determine, without a significant number of users reporting the same thing, whether there is a problem.  It can be impossible to figure out if there is a bug if they can't reproduce the problem themselves.  I've had micro SD cards go bad on me before when not using Spotify, but I don't know what app was involved, or whether it could have been due to the device or the OS. 


Best thing people experiencing card problems can do is post the relevent info (device details, card size details, what was going on before the card mafunctioned, etc.) and hope there is enough info for the team to go on.  I have been testing software for (too) long and have seen many cases where seemingly random problems just could not be reproduced.

I've got exactly the same problem with SanDisk 32 GB. I was also prompted that my SD Card was damaged and I need to format but formatting doesn't help at all. I see that I'm not the only one and I'm curious if I can link this problems with Spotify.

If you search the major android forums, you'll see far more reports of SD card corruption that you'll see here so I think trying to link this to one piece of softwate is pretty unlikely. If the card is destroyed and can't be fixed by reformatting, you shouls be able to get a replacement under guarantee.

After 4 days of Spotify installed on my Galaxy 4 it corrupted my HP 16Gb SD card TWICE!

The phone is being with me for about 4 months without issue.

I already uninstalled the app and reformatted the card and so far is going ok. Probably too soon to absolutely blame the app, but the damage was evident after few use of the app.

Hopefully you can find and fix the issue. Unfortunately for my case means no Spotify for a while.


I had a problem with this before. I put my 32gb (phone dedicated) card into my new tablet. My tablet was freezing up and resetting and so I took it out. I tried putting it back into my phone but my phone wouldn't read it. Putting the card into my computer and it worked, I figured it was an android problem so I thought to deleted the "android" folder but it wouldn't delete. I went in manually and deleted every couple items,and what did I end up with? Android/data/ A 5mb file corrupted my entire SD card! Good going Spotify!


I am able to recover my data, and this has also taught me a lesson to back up my data!

I've had three 64GB micro SD cards destroyed within half a year. I'm pretty sure it was due to Spotify. That was the common denominator all three times the cards failed. I was either listening to Spotify or had Spotify downloading to phone overnight. My phone is an LG L90 Android running Kit Kat. I also have the app link2sd which I used to save many apps to the micro sd card in order to save internal memory. I realize that recent versions of Spotify don't give the option to save to external sd card. It used to though, and there's a simple hack around that. Download one of the old Spotify versions that allowed it, then set your storange to external sd card. Then when the app upgrades, it retains that. But I'm wondering if this may be the cause of the problem.


Once these cards detect and an error, they are switched into a no-write mode to prevent loss of data. You can still read data from the card, but none can be written to it. Once this happens the card is as good as dead. No type of formatting will remove the no-write protection. All you can do is get it replaced.


So I guess I can no longer use Spotify to save offline songs or risk destroying my card. This really sucks, because that means I can't use Spotify on airplanes or long car trips  where data coverage is spotty. I'm sure there has to be some fix for this.

They need to sort this iv been thru 1 san disk and 1 samsung sd card all legit. Now on another samsung sd card on a samsung phone once i start downloading alot of albums it corrupts the card i format it and alls good again until i try downloading albums again. Defo spotifys fault prob just cancel payment absolutly useless

Exactly same problem here corrupted two different SD cards within 2 weeks of use, I am using the card exclusively for spotify. Shame such a fine (and ambitious) piece of software has had this problem for years and nobody is doing anything about it. Come on guys this is a serious problem, I lost all my files, and I was not the only one.

Errrm, I'm not sure if I had a similar issue. Just bought a fast Scandisk extreme because currant card was corrupted, spotify was set to download to sd card and suddenly after many song downloads my internal memory became full. That rang an alarm bells because it shouldn't have been saving to internal memory. Galaxy tab S2 8" ..... so I checked storage and it was no longer recognising my sd card so no doubt spotify reverted to storing on internal memory. Now this card has been in my S2 for ages, since new without issue. May be it just went south due to the load put on it by spotify and was not quick or durable enough? ..... The new fast 128gig card has cost me 65 quid and I'm a tad worried about having spotify saving to it. I've a he'll of a lot of songs I like to listen to offline when I'm out camping. Do I risk it I don't know? ....  Haven't checked yet if I can save the old card by formatting it, I'll check before I continue I think.


Has there been any definitive answer here? .... Or is it just to random or difficult to reach any conclusions. ..... Does spotify scan all songs on the system for viruses / trojans 9r any malware? 

Corrupted SD card after switching from premium to standard spotify - 128gb card corrupted. 

chdsk command revealed spotify folder housing all corrupted files. Very unhappy.

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