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Last client update was november 2011


Last client update was november 2011



I've asked around (facebook, twitter) and nobody answered me. The Android client is a real piece of **bleep**. 

It's hellishly slow. When someone sends an album or a playlist to my inbox, I can"t access it from my phone (single tracks only). The RAM usage is just ludicrous, so as soon as I open any other app, without playing music, Spotify closes, and since it takes 4 mn to boot and be usable, it's a real pain.


Seriously people, I know iPhones are the main trend, but android users are numerous enough to spend a few thousand bucks on a client update, dontcha think?


I give you 20€ every month (two accounts, one for me, one for my wife) and I expect a certain quality of service. Every day I pester against your android client, and I seriously think about closing both of my accounts.


At the very least, please give me an estimated time of update.

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Thanks for your input, but seriously, this is no solution. I wipe my phone every few months, and spotify is already a real pain to install again, specially when you have a few gigs of offline music. 

Last full sync took me a full day (yes, I mean 24 hours !!!!) to sync 4.5Go. My line caps at 2.5MBs, and my phone wifi chip caps around 1.2MBs. Lemme do the math for you. That means 150kBs. Heck, even a free account on megaupload was faster.

Once you got spotify running and your playlist synced on your phone, you should never try to f uck with it.


Trust me, wiping the app doesn't solve sluggishness, long boot time, random freezes when playing music or parsing playlists.


Of course, I know such things won't be solved on a forum, but that's not the point of my post. I want info. I want a roadmap. I want some brite smiling promises that the client will get updated soon, and that it will rock the chips out of our phones, even the older ones.



I agree , the client sucks so much I stopped paying my subscription. The worst thing is that the support team is even worse, and they don't even care.

All I get from them are generic responses itcrowd style. I would gladly pay if it worked and was updated regularly, but they clearly don't care about their user base.

Well, I don't mind keeping my money 😉

Same here, tho I really like their service on the desktop, and after paying for a premium account, I removed every mp3 from my phone to use only spotify.

How stupid was that... I realize now I'd better give my money to smart and cheap services like grooveshark.


3 days waiting for something from spotify support, and getting only a quote from the ITCrowd is ... pretty unnerving. 


No Kuddos for you spotify support !

No 320 kbps / No Player Support / no support at all .... this is hitting on my nerves

And an other things that my MP3 player (15€) can do and that the Spotify app (10€/month on a 500€ phone) can't do GAPLESS Playing

Next month i think all my money will be in my wallet ...

Spotify hates me today...




a few message like that and I'll most definitely get back to pirating music, and sending money via paypal DIRECTLY to the artist. 



I can see that incriminating screenshot removal is MUCH faster than a real support answer.


Thanks spotifail.


(btw, the screenshot was a message on my spotify desktop telling me the latest album from Dr Octopus wasn't available in France.)

$10 for an app I can currently only use on my desktop!?  Uninstalling Android app and downgrading! 

La calma è la virtù dei forti.

I have cancelled my subscription on spotify now after being a premium subscriber since the start of Spotify.

Moving over to deezer that have an excellent android app for both phone and tablet. I reccomend trying it. 

They have a free trial.





The problem many of us are having, isn't so much an error with the Spotify App, our problem is you guys aren't supporting it. For some it works great as is, for others it is a buggy mess. Uninstalling and reinstalling aren't really the issue. I personally am very upset that there is no gapless playback. As others have stated, the streaming quality and speed are an issue, but iOS users are updated and up to 320k. On top of that, many of us have been SCREAMING for the app to support landscape mode. This is something so simple that XDA Developers found a fix in no time, but you guys haven't put it in an official release.


We are upset that with all the money on subscriptions being paid, there is no current development on the app. I understand your job is trying to help troubleshoot issues, but this isn't something you can fix. This is something we need the Devs to chime in on, and find out why incredibly simple things, and Android in general are being ignored.


And now, on top of things, I can't even change my payment information. You guys are great in your founding idea, but your execution and support plans are a bumbling mess.


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Well, support techies are often pretty close to code techies in the lambda office space. Should be very hard to list their arse up, walk to the android client project manager, and ask him about the release timeline, the future roadmap, and stuff like that. 

Dear Spotify Staff,


I understand that you're glad of the Iphone version of your software. But like everybody said in this topic, the android version is quite disappointing (multiple crash, buffering bug...). I tested on 4 different phone, and found exactly the same bug everywhere.

So I'm pretty sure you already know them.


Here is my request:

I don't think Iphone users pay more than me, so please move your "STRONG LANGUAGE" and give us the update roadmap.

We simply want a service that works fine or at least be informed of the moment when it could be.




I applied for a developper key. there's a C lib for ARMV7 Linux. Maybe I can do something with that. 

Not sure they'll give me the key since I said I'd like to replace their own crappy app 😛

Same problem here. I was testing some bluetooth headsets with spotify. Got a black screen and freezes right after login. I disabled bluetooth and the error was still there. Funny thing is that spotify was working fine on my galaxy nexus right from the start. I had to deinstall it and reinstall it via dropbox. Downloading via did not work for me. "This application could not be installed". I can live with the interface glitches in spotify (buttons are off about 50px at some postions), but not with random crahes. FIX THIS MESS!!!! Sorry for the exclamation marks. *g

Didn't you read? You should "check their blog" regularly...




If I hit F5 every 500ms, do you think the client will get updated faster? 50ms? 5ms? 


Follow this link: Spotify for Android 3 & 4

And push that idea to the top with your Kudos. Thats the only way.

Nah you can cancel your account and give your money to grooveshark or deezer

And, by the way, spotify work just as poorly on my ICS device as on my 2.3.4 phone.

Just wanted to say that I also just canceled my subscription after the free trial cause the Android app was crap.  No play queue? wtf....

I've had Spotify since before it was available in the US. I had it on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2, and now I own a Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The apps are completely unusable on both of these devices.

Today, it stopped syncing files. Not all of them, mind you, just certain songs. I uninstalled and cleared out the entire cache, then reinstalled. It synced all of my other songs...and specifically left those same songs out.

Not that it crashed 7 times while syncing (just sitting in the background) and when I try to add more songs to the playlists or crashes again. Uninstalling the apps and cancelling my multiple subscriptions now (5, in total).

It's a real shame that some developers ignore a large sect of their userbase and feel that it's acceptable. Here's hoping another developer takes advantage of this shortcoming and provides some amount of competition.

Wish we could, at least, try. Spotify won't give me a developper key. 


This topic is filled with people cancelling or close to cancelling their subscription. Please, Spotify Staff, at least acknowledge our complaints, and send us a bone.

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