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Last client update was november 2011


Last client update was november 2011



I've asked around (facebook, twitter) and nobody answered me. The Android client is a real piece of **bleep**. 

It's hellishly slow. When someone sends an album or a playlist to my inbox, I can"t access it from my phone (single tracks only). The RAM usage is just ludicrous, so as soon as I open any other app, without playing music, Spotify closes, and since it takes 4 mn to boot and be usable, it's a real pain.


Seriously people, I know iPhones are the main trend, but android users are numerous enough to spend a few thousand bucks on a client update, dontcha think?


I give you 20€ every month (two accounts, one for me, one for my wife) and I expect a certain quality of service. Every day I pester against your android client, and I seriously think about closing both of my accounts.


At the very least, please give me an estimated time of update.

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Honestly if they are not willing to improve the android client app or let us do something about it I say we should do a mass migration to a competitor (like

The android app is ridiculous.

Wow, thanks man. Never heard of rdio before, but I'm already on their mailing list. 


Hear that spotify? I'M ON THEIR MAILING LIST ! ( XD )

What this app has in compare with grooveshark or simfy:

Does not have:
Real queue
A usable GUI
High bitrate streams
Any ICS features like lockscreencontrol (grooveshark released an update for that after about 14days of ICS being released)
Abilties to edit playlist on the device in a usefull way
Gapless playing

And if i read the comments at the market, and there are about 80% which aren't able to log in due to bugs or this stupid facebook connection then i may ask what they are trying to do here in germany....bad start

To be honest, I think the chance is bigger that Spotify releases a libspotify for Android and hand out that task to the community. Spotify wishes more being like a "platform", a core service and then it's up to partners and users to build the features they want and the company provides only the most basic, in this way the company can afford the product. 


I think I got a hint why the app haven't updated. There is a job post( that give me a clue that the current android developer is not longer working for spotify and that they haven't any people who can do it now. It happens very often in this industry that developers become employe and leave the company fast, since good developers often apply for or get new job offers that might seem better. So it's a high rotation of developers.

Would that be the case, Krikelin, why not just tell us they have HR problems? Hell, I know how hard it can sometimes be to find a recruit a good developper, specially an android one (I've seen to many geeks saying they rock android off its pants, but looking at their code feels like reading a essay from a 9 years old learning javascript...)

They just have to release a developper key, in a matter of minute, we could build a community on github and release a decent client in a matter of weeks. And We'd feel like we're not underdogs running a stupid OS on retarded phones.

I don't think they will, in the end they has to review the code also to verify it fit there licensing model and account system (law issues) and puplishing something made by other for premium users is very cheeky
And as they take more money for the mobile service its also there duty to develop a own well working app (as they are also able to do this for IOS it can't be that hard, ios development is not easier than android)


OK, it's been two weeks, and absolutely no real involvment from spotify.


Operation bad buzz is starting.

If they update the app, i really hope they build in other views for the playlists. Scroll through 200 songs to find what you want is stupid. We need an artist and album view.

They should just look at the official google play music app.



How do I jump on this "Bad Buzz" bandwagon?

Use your social medias. Tell you friends on twitter and facebook. 

If you are part of an online community, tell them too. 


I wish I had the time to build a little website for a group action. Lately time is a really valuable ressource to me 🙂

If someone is interested in building something, please do, I'll be sure to join my voice (erhm, keyboard?) to yours !

As a paying customer since two years back I feel it is my right to complain. I'm tired of us Android users being seen as some second class customer in Spotify's eyes. The discontent is obviously widespread and the issues well known. Fix the crappy application. There are always alternatives to Spotify on the market, as I'm sure you are aware.

I voted with my walet, fed up of NO support whatsoever  for the android app, (which is rubbish), where the iphone app gets weekly updates it seems.  I have cancelled spotify premium, and will be using a different music streaming service when my premium sub expires in a few days.

This is just redicolous, Swedish company that can't even give us an explanation to why the mobile client crashes and hasn't been updated since november. I'm embarassed, come on! Give us something!

Yes, this is really disaster.

Since 5 day i am testing rdio.


> Everything works fine.

> Nice App

> Web-based Player

> Sharing Playlist

> etc..




I've been using (or attempting to) for 6 months, and everything does not work fine.


The app will:

Crash when you star a track (100% of the time)

Randomly stop playing

Randomly quit out

Randomly force close

Randonly pause for an eternity in good signal areas

Randomly forget your login details

Randomly insist you are offline, when you are not.


If you get to the end of your trial without any of these things happening, then you are either )not actually using the app b)incredibly lucky, I would go an buy a lottery ticket right now, that level of luck c) in denial.


/hanging round for an extra 2 weeks they just gave me for being unable to log in-

Fluffe, are you taking about rdio or spotify?

It's kinda confusing 🙂


Well, I have voted with my dollar. This is my last billing cycle with Spotify. I have cancelled my subscription, and moved to Rdio. Two cool things with Rdio; One, their Android app is BEE-EE-AYE-utiful, and two, I get a discount signing up for 2 accounts (one for me one for the wife). Spotify may have some other music selections that Rdio doesn't have, but I am not bothered by that. Flat out, Spotify refuses to acknowledge and work with the Android populus, so the Android populus should return the favor.

Well as I am in my periodic "rant at rubbish Spotify CS" mood might as well post here too.


I wouldn't hold your breath on this. The Get Satisfaction pages showd pretty conclusively that Spotify have nothing but contempt for their Android user base and no conception of customer service whasoever. No surprise to me that they have not commented here.


Atrocious CS, from a company that just does not seem to understand the concept of Tech company. I mean getting the tech right should be class 101 for a company like Spotify. 

I have now sent the Spotify team this e-mail:


Hello Spotify.

As I hope that you are aware of there are a growing number of people that is starting to get really angry from your lack of communication regarding the Spotify version for Android.

So my question is if anything is happening with the Android version? Users of Android 3.x and 4.x are quite angry about the fact that it doesn't work on theirs devices and still you have enabled that Spotify in Google Play (Android market) is compatible with these phones that have the most problems

And before you answer this I would like to point out that I DON'T want the standard answer "Keep a look in our blog" that you always send out.

I want an honest answer. Will there ever be an updated version and when in that case?
Q2, Q3, Q4 or next year?

If you can't give me an straight and honest answer just send me an e-mail with the text "no comments"

Best regards
An user who has been patient"



I hope they answer me

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