Library slow after update

Library slow after update








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After the last update, the saved library became slow and unresponsive. If I try to access an specific saved album via the library, it takes 15 seconds to load. Same thing with my followed artists. However, if I search for the same album using the search function, it opens the album immediately. Same thing if I manually search for an artist.


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Yep it's still active, Spotify technical support eventually stated the issue was being reported by so many users that there must be a problem and they were working on a fix. That was months ago and as expected nothing has changed, its slower now than ever!


Thanks for letting me know! Its unusable at this point that I was looking for help or considering just cancelling Premium, since I cant search anything and play it on demand anyways.


Glad to help mate but would have preferred to give you better news. Tbh the only thing keeping my family subscription active is Spotify Connect. I've given up hope they will ever fix this issue (and a few other issues that have been completely ignored by Spotify). As soon as one of the alternative providers such as Tidal or Amazin offers an easy way of streaming HD music to my Audiolab dac then I'm outta here. 

This problem is still on-going for me. I have sent a video to the twitter support showing how the artists and album tabs in the library take 5-10 seconds to open. Searching in Artists tab can speed it up, but very slow. It's basically only the use library that is slow.


Things improved for me after one of the recent updates. Albums now only take a couple of seconds to load. However clicking on an artist within the artist tab is still taking ages, the more songs saved to the library the slower it is.


I doubt whether anyone from Spotify reads these things but at least it's good for us to update each other on what's happening 🙂 

If you search on the Artists tab to get just the artist you want to be displayed, then select that artist it then opens quickly. Seems like it's searching all of the artists which slows it down if you don't search. Seems as if they aren't too bothered about people having libraries of saved music!

Nice one that works well cheers!

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