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Listening History On Mobile Devices

Listening History On Mobile Devices

Using the Android app. I tried the free version a while ago then left it. I came back to it recently and bought premium. However I have a load of music in my history I never played and it is stuff I hate. It is heavily influencing recommended songs etc but I can only hide some entries, some radio entries I cant remove at all.


Im not sure if I was hacked or something but I force signed out of all devices and changed my password. 


Can my listening history be erased?


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Listening history cannot be erased, however the more songs you listen too, the more songs like that will be suggested. It just takes time.


There may be a chance that Spotify Support can help with this, you can contact them here:

Ridiculous oversight in the app. Seems to discourage music exploration.


Thanks for your help I'll check out the link 🙂

Unfortunately you can't erase you're listening history, but the more you listen to, the better the recommendations get. My first few months of premium, the suggestions were either way off or very generic, but after 2+ years now most suggestions are spot on. Be patient, it week be worth it.

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