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Local Files not Syncing on Mobile Device

Local Files not Syncing on Mobile Device

Not sure if this is a Windows 10 or a Spotify Issue but I have a Samsung S3 on the same network as the Desktop App but the local files are not syncing?


Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem or any solutions?


I am also experience the common issues with Bluetooth playback and this lastest setback is a pretty disapointing development

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I have windows 10 and I could sync my local files. Have you checked you have enough storage in you phone for them? Can hou play them in your desktop app?

Thanks for the reply,


I have enough space and they play fine in the desktop app.

I'll post the fix I found for the Bluetooth stuttering problems I've experienced. I uninstalled a few apps and found the CPU leacher I was dealing with.


My local files won't sync either. I enabled UPnP, allowed Spotify through the firewall, Spotify Connect works just fine... I'm out of solutions.

And if you restart Android and Desktop?

Yeah, I've reinstalled both, I'm looking at it as maybe a Wi-Fi or Firewall problem at the moment 

Well, it seems like it's a router problem.


At the VERY MOMENT I opened up the Desktop app at work, my phone started downloading the missing files. The Firewal might have been part of the problem, but definitely the router is, because it works here but not at home.


I do not know the router configuration here so I cannot really tell what difference there is in both setups, but the router seems to be the problem.

That's good. Someone got in touch from spotify and said they can see that my cache is corrupted for my account. They said it was reset on there end but it's the same issue again.

Since the last update - with the new wonderful color - the problem exist. The playlist on mobile device Samsung S3 are not syncing with the playlist on local file.
Hope for a new update.

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