Lock Screen back and forward doesn't function

Lock Screen back and forward doesn't function

Hey. In the lock screen mode back and forward buttons doesn't do anything. Pause functions as usual. To move between the tracks, have to go to app and push buttons there. Started after the last update for me. Also the exit button in the lock screen menu for Spotify is gone after the update, which is sad, but maybe intended, I don't know. Has anyone the same problem? Running Android version 6.0.1. Thanks!
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I'm having the same issue, running 7.0 on Nexus 6P

New user, just downloaded for the trial (looking to take a family subscription too...) but find the same issue, my lock screen controls don't work... Doesn't appear to be a lot of response from Spotify  either on related issues...?


Back to Groove for now then, not having the hassle of unlocking my phone every time I want to skip a trick!!

Samsung gs7

Actaully, should add, my pause button doesn't work either... Buttons show up as they should, but no function...they appear to 'press', but don't do anything.

Hade the same problem but changing battery optimizer to don't optimize Spotify and giving the app all of it's 3 requested permissions solved my problems and now everything works fine. 

Seemed to fix the problem on my phone also. Thanks!

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