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Lockscreen-controls not working on Huawei P9


Lockscreen-controls not working on Huawei P9

It is not possible to control the Huawei P9 with EMUI 5.0 and Andoid 7.0, just as with Google Play Music or the Music app. The only thing you can control is a notification, but that is very flawed. The Huawei support could not help me, and it apparently also no normal Spotify support. In the Internet and on the community page of Spotify I have unfortunately found nothing. I hope for a solution.











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My last try has been to date Spotify to draw attention to the problem by the 'idea' function. Accordingly it could help if some vote for it!

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31 Replies

I have the same problem.

Did it work before and stopped after an update to spotify? Have you tried reinstalling, following the steps here?

I just got the EMUI update this week, and Spotify went from a functional full lock screen control to that tiny notification widget which is hardly functional. Any fix? I want the old function back, at least that gave me control without constantly unlocking my phone.

Yes, I've already tried. I have even reset my complete phone

This problem is really annoying me... Huawei customer care has been useless suggesting a complete reset of the smartphone... Please fix this issue, I'm really thinking to close my Spotify account and starting uploading songs directly in my P9...

I am now having this issue too. I don't even think there's been an update to my phone or Spotify, but out of nowhere I don't have the lock screen album cover/control. Is this likely to be a Spotify or Huawei issue? Annoying!!

According to Huawei, the problem is by Spotify, and Spotify does not want to help. Although Huawei has a terrible support, but Spotify does not have any.. What do I pay for?
Marked as solution

My last try has been to date Spotify to draw attention to the problem by the 'idea' function. Accordingly it could help if some vote for it!

Guys, it's about three months that we're having this problem... As user, my "annoyed" feeling is becoming anger... I'm not paying for the next months if the issue will be not fixed... I'll try IMusic or upload my music on the P9. At this point I don't know (and actually I don't care) if the source of the problem is Spotify or Huawei. Guys, we're paying for a service and the service is not working as it used to work, we're not even asking for new functionallity. Bad bad customer care story...

Also same problem here...

Same problem Huawei p9

same hera and uninstalling spotify as nothing hasbeen done about it. extremely annoying

Solved! Use a cusotm lock screen like Next

It is not a solution for me! Because they do not always work flawlessly and are not as simple as the EMUI Lockscreen. While I also pay attention to my battery consumption, and there is another app that is constantly running next to the system is not working well. That's why it will not be so hard to support the lockscreen. And third app are never a solution for functions of an Apps with which one paid, and even monthly !? There are several reasons not to use a custom lockscreen, but I do not want to list them all.

Very annoying, it's time to fix this problem. So many people are using spotify with their P9 (Huawei) and also pay for it.

Please fix it spotify!!!

Settings, apps, Spotify, notifications, show on lock-screen

This is not the problem, or no help answer for the problem, because this default is activated moderately anyway.

Sorry, but that's not what I want 'cause that's not what it was.
As I wrote in a past comment here, we're not asking any particular new improvement, we're asking to solve a problem raised in march (circa).

This situation is ridicolous, guys. And by the way, same view for Apple Music.

Huawei phones need to manually add permission to let some apps use those features.
1. Play a song on Spotify
2. Drag down the top status bar.
3. Hold down the notification on which song is playing
4. A special menu opens up, select more option.
5. A new window opens with permissions for the app (Spotify in this case)
6. Manually activate the option "display on locked screen".

Now your pause, next, back tools will show up on the locked screen and not only when your phone is unlocked and you use the top notification bar.

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