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Login button not working

Login button not working

Every time I hit the login button after entering my information it will change to say 'logging in' but then promptly change back to saying login. I've tried this on two different devices with the same result and uninstalling/reinstalling hasn't helped. What is going on??

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I have the exact same problem, did you ever find a fix ? 

Try logging in on a desktop/laptop and resetting your password. Also try clearing all cached data on your app.

I am getting this on my MiBox.


Was working fine last year but now it won't log in, you press the button and it does nothing but highlight it. It is pretty lame as I am paying for Spotify premium.


I cleared data, uninstalled, clear offline devices, cycled power and tried multiple sign-in methods. Still stuck logging in.


It is odd because if you try to sign in using devices available it will show music playing on a home screen tile but the app will still be stuck logging in and no sound will come out. The phone will also show the music playing.


Seems like the app is bugged at the moment.

Yes, it took a little sleuthing. I initially gave up on logging in with my email and tried with Facebook. When I did that a message popped up saying I could only use Spotify abroad for 14 days. I looked up that problem and found the answer is to change your country location in the settings. I logged into my account no problem on my PC and sure enough I still had my country location set to the UK from when I lived there a few years ago. It seems to have fixed the problem logging in with both Facebook and with email. Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, my region is right 😞

Ok, so that seems to have fixed it - tried to login on desktop app, and it actually told me that I needed to change the country.


After changing the country, it works again.


That's bad behaviour on the android app, it should tell you what's wrong and not just leave you wondering what on earth is going on.

I had a problem with login/registration (same with Facebook login) buttons do nothing. It was a long way before I got the Idea to try to change default browser and it helped to solve my case! For some reason default Chrome was the problem for me and after changing dafault browser to Edge Spotify's Facebook login button worked perfectly!

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