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Lollipop offline - problems with stuttering

Lollipop offline - problems with stuttering



I'm wearing out one supporter after another with the Spotify team and am close to simply trying out another music source. But my Spotify knows me so well by now, it's like an old comfy boyfriend!


Please help so I won't have to start over with a new rough-around-the-edges boyfriend.



I download all of my playlists since I don't really want to pay for data and have problems with the connection in quite a few places around where I live.


When I upgraded to Lollipop something happened. I don't really know what to call it but I've been describing it as stuttering. What happens is that the music will stop for shorter or longer periods of time (max 15 sec) and then speed the music up when it comes back until it has caught up with the time lost. It pretty much sound like the band's using helium.


I use bluetooth connection to one of my speakers in the house and also in my car. The problem lessened when I simply logged my phone off the internet but it's still no good.


The same happens when I'm just using cable headphones.



I've tried all the different kinds of reinstalls and now the supporters are asking me to repeat the same tips which basically tells me they're lost. I also tried removing the SD card and only using internal memory, still no effect.


I primarily use Spotify as a modern walkman and this new problem is killing all of my favourite uses for this great service.

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