Losing Volume Control with Chromecast

Losing Volume Control with Chromecast


Well, my problem of Chromecast randomly disconnecting with Spotify stopped with latest update (to Spotify) - but I'm experiencing another isue: I frequently lose volume control on my phone.


For instance, I’ll try turning the music down and notice I’m turning down the phone’s ringtone instead. All other functions work; I can pause or skip songs, I can change playlists, etc. - just no volume control.


I've tried all the usual debugging steps; uninstall/reinstall apps, check for updated versions, reset chromecast, etc.... The only fix is to close the app and relaunch it – and then a short while later, it’ll lose volume control again…


Since I'm not always adjusting the volume, I don't always notice if there is a problem. But I do know that sometimes I have no problems for days, other times I notice it several times within an hour or two.


Here're some of my details:

  • Samsung S6 
  • Android 7.0
  • Spotify
  • Chromecast 1.24.8807 (Chromecast 2nd gen)

Any help with this is much appreciated.

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I experience the same. I need to open the list of apps, swipe away spotify (close the app in other words), and start spotify again. Now the volume controller is enabled (for a while atleast, before I must repeat). One Plus 3 here.


Sidenote: Android has a "Media controls for Cast devices", but it only lets me pause/play and stop the music. On the computer the volume controls are always active from the cast menu though. 


Same problem here, volume control from Android 7.1.1 to ChromeCast Audio works for a while and then there are no possibility to contol the volume remote.

Phone: HTC U11 



Same issue with my two devices:

Nexus 5

Nexus 7 (2013)


Yep. Same here. Incredibly frustrating, makes the service borderline unusable.


Same here

Have to control volume through google home app .....

No change in lastest

Chromecast 2 running 1.27.96538

Android 7.1.1



I also have the same problem.

Oneplus 5 here


Looking forward for a solution


I've experienced this many times, however I don't experience it with the PocketCasts app.  I that app, I can close my phone, then hit the volume rocker whenever and it always adjusts the google home volume.  With the spotify app, after I close the app for just a few minutes, it seems to never reconnect until I force close the app and re-open.


I'm also having this issue.


Nexus 6P

Android 8.0

Spotify is up to date as of today.


I'm having the same problem.

Galaxy S6

Also on my new Galaxy Note8


Its very annoying.


The same issue occurred when using Google Play app. I think it's a Chromecast issue.


Same issue here. Using Galaxy s6


I'm having this issue as well. It comes up daily and I hope spotify could fix it as soon as possible! Please 🙂 it's really annoying!


I've had this problem for months now. I've tried everything - reinstalling Spotify, reinstalling Google Home, resetting my Google Chromecast Audio device, even reinstalling Andriod - and none of it has worked.

The only solution of any kind is simply the quick-fix restart of the Spotify app - but nobody should have to rely on this method every single time they listen to music.


I don't have this problem when casting from Google Play Music, which makes me almost certain that it's a problem with the Spotify app.


Calling all Spotify developers: help us please!! This problem is very irritating to say the least.

Sony Xperia F3111
Android 7.0

Spotify armV7

Chromecast 1.27.96538


Same problem here. And it's a deal breaker for me. If this in not fixed I will switch to another app after years of using Spotify Premium.


Same here with Nexus 5X Android 8.0 and Spotify version

Since this problem is subject to various android versions and various devices, Spotify should give this a high priority. Please solve this, as said before very frustrating to restart the app again and again. Thanks!


I faced this issue which have been solved by a new Spotify release in the summer (chromecast display works but no sound)


from last week end, the issue occurs again... Could you solve it quickly please?



We have had the same problem for a couple of months as well, both on a galaxy S7 and S8. Running Android v7.


Stopping Spotify app and restarting it as the only way to regain control is really annoying..


Same here - very frustrating


Sony Xperia X

Android 7.1.1

Spotify App armV7

Chromecast Audio Cast Firmware 1.27.96538



Exact same problem here on Galaxy S7 (even bringing the app back into foreground doesn't allow me to get the Chromecast volume controls back). Started occurring about a month ago, which is also when I switched phones. Previously no problems on Xperia Z3, so either the bug was introduced in the meantime or not all devices are affected.


I have a possible solution to the issue after reading somewhere that this might help. After doing this I can't say I can remeber to have any more issues with loosing volume control.


So this is what you do on an Android 7 phone:

1. Settings -> Battery -> Battery optimisation - Find Spotify app in the list and select "do not optimize". This will of cource disable any battteryoptimization of Spotify and you risk draining your battery a bit more. But it's not been an issue for me running OnePlus 5 at least..


Implement and report back!

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