Make Spotify pause when hearing a voice message


Make Spotify pause when hearing a voice message





Pocophone F1, Galaxy S8+ and LG G7 ThinQ

Operating System

Android Oreo, Android Pie 

My Question or Issue

Spotify keeps playing when listening to voice messages on Whatsapp & Telegram.

Tested it on multiple devices, different OSes, with a headset, without, using car's speaker and whatnot. 

Whenever I'd like to hear a voice message while listening to music, the music doesn't stop, and is playing in the background, making the voice unhearable.


In my car, for example, when I pause the music, it drops the audio volume to 0, and I can't hear anything at all. When I increase the volume, it resumes the music.


Actually, the only solution I've ever found to this is to Force Close Spotify, just before I need to hear a voice message. It's safe to say that this is not the intended behavior. 


I tried various tools: apps for managing autoplay and volume, auto-freezers, asking on XDA, even Tasker/Automate recipes - no solution yet. So whenever I'm in my car and need to hear a message from a client, I must pull over, FC, play, then resume my music. 


Can you suggest anything for me to try?