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[Mobile] App crashes, what is playing does not match what app indicates.

[Mobile] App crashes, what is playing does not match what app indicates.

Android version 11, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ T-Mobile, Spotify App version


I have had this on going issue with the App.  I listen to a podcast and then have to step out of car, or go in for the day.  When I return to Spotify it shows a podcast that isn't the one that is playing through my head phones, and when this happens the controls of the app do not work.  I try to change to a different podcast, no luck.  I try to pause the playback with my headphones or the app and it doesn't respond.  I can close the app and it stops, but as soon as I return it plays the podcast I was listening too but no controls.  I have deleted and re-installed several times.  This works for a few plays but reverts back to the no control.  The only thing that seems to work a little is to force stop the app.

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Have the same problem. Happens on both my phones and my wife's phone (all android) over the past couple of weeks. Happens for me with songs or podcasts. 

I have the same problem, and the play and pause buttons doesn't work unless y open the podcasts actually playing. I have also reinstaled the app erasing the cache as you instructed and worked for a few minutes and then it stop playing. My device is a Galaxy note20 ultra, 3.1 One UI version, Android version 11.

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