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[Mobile] Stop Mobile App from Turning Repeat on Automatically for Playlists and Albums

[Mobile] Stop Mobile App from Turning Repeat on Automatically for Playlists and Albums

I've contacted support multiple times to verify that this is not a bug - instead - this is intended behavior.


I've only experienced it on the mobile app, but it happens constantly. I have "Automatic Playback" turned off, which should be enough to stop this but it is not. 


Anytime I'm playing a playlist or an album, unless I tap into the Now Playing screen and tap off the icon at the bottom right (Automatic Repeat) the playlist or album will just repeat indefinitely.


This is the worst.


What are you doing Spotify? Because to me it seems your grimy software is trying to pad its numbers with endless plays if someone is not attending to the app. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I can't see any other logical explanation.


Never - I say again - NEVER have I ever once wanted an album or playlist to start over from the beginning when it's over. When it's over, the silence is a signal that it's time to put on something else. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but this is how I grew up listening to records and CDs. I don't want software deciding what I want to listen to next. If I wanted that, I would select your "Radio" option. I am fully capable of making 100% of my decisions with your software, thank you very much.


Maybe I'm an edge case, but I doubt it. If this doesn't receive sufficient votes, then I guess I'll just have to tap off that little button in endless frustration until someone with authority over there gets as frustrated as I get by it.


Now I've got it off my chest here, so that is the best I can do. I don't think it's a lot to ask to include the option to shut this off in the settings. Wouldn't turning "Automatic Playback" to OFF prevent Automatic Playback? Hmm. Anyway. Here's to hoping.

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