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Music Randomly pausing on Android


Music Randomly pausing on Android

Hey everyone,


We've seen reports that the app will just stop playing music halfway through a song randomly.


First, please make sure that you're on the latest version of the app


If that doesn't help, make sure to click the +VOTE button.


You can also leave a comment with the following details:

  • Device 
  • Device OS version
  • Spotify version

Thanks for bearing with us!

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Well, i hoped it was the solution, but it has al to do with the background suspension mode of Samsung (battery saving). I switched that off and now Spotify is playing music (streams) without interuptions / pauses etc.  Previously it was not a problem but somthing that was changed in the android app made it a problem i think.

The other thing I noticed is that Spotify has troubles when more then one bluethooth device is connected (like car audio and smartwatch), it look like it does not know who is in control. 

So for now I have that work around, maybe logging off, change password seem lik a new user to the app, and it does not go in suspension mode rightaway, but i changed only the suspension thing and it seems to help...... Hope Moderators are watching and will take a look at things...

Yep. The Spotify connect indeed was making problems (but after my solution
it was working well).

It seems the update makes each phone problematic and the solutions are
different. Oh well...



I have this problem and im unable to listen to music Im testing another music service similar to spotify and i dont have this problem so i may just stop using spotify, even that i already find that other music services work for me i still like Spotify a little more so my desire is to make this work, I already tried to eliminate the app and download it again, free space in my phone, delete cache but i sitll have the problem. 


My Phone is Samsung galaxy S8

Adroid version 9

Spotify version


I dont know where is the +VOTE button, I dont know if this is in the app or the phone or where. 


Let me know how can i fix this problem please! 

What worked for me, eventually,as changing my password,sign out from
everywhere, clear cache,uninstall and reinstall.

Wish u luck

Same problem here. It's only been happening for the past few months. On a Galaxy S10 with the may 22nd update, Spotify is on version I've tried all the usual things, clearing cache, uninstalling, turning off battery management, etc. Still pauses every few seconds while streaming. I thought it was my carrier at first, but this same phone in the same area can stream Tidal without issue. Very frustrating. 


What's worked for me,that u haven't done,is changing your password. Try it.
Change your password,Sign out from everywhere (through Spotify
website),make sure the cache really was deleted (I've noticed that it took
me couple of times to clear it through the app),clear all the details from
your phone, uninstall and reinstall.

Good luck!

So I have tried all of these things written above but everytime I lock my screen on my Galaxy S9 the music will stop shortly afterwards. Sometimes 1 seconds after, sometimes 10. But it stops within 15 seconds for sure. Some idea? I have even reseted my whole phone to get rid of that problem....

It seems that there are several problems reported here. We're not all talking about the same set of symptoms.


My issue, thankfully seems to be resolved with the recent Android 9.0 (pie) upgrade on the Moto G6. It's that, or a recent Spotify upgrade. Either way, music is now playing uninterrupted on my '14 Jeep Grand Cherokee Uconnect.

**bleep**, I actually loved how you marked this as solved and then proceeded to solve nothing. Actually comical.


We need a fix for spotify pausing  itself on Android. Not mods shuffling posts through the forums. 

Reports of the Spotify App randomly stopping literally go back years, but Spotify has apparently done NOTHING to resolve the issue.  Every report I've found in this forum is quickly marked as resolved, but no resolution is ever offered except "reinstall the app" and that makes no difference.  I've tried all the solitions offered by users and none have made any difference either.  This has been happening on multiple versions of the app and on multiple devices ever since I started using Spotify.


I refuse to believe a company with the resources Spotify has available can't resolve this problem.  


How about taking your users reports seriously and actually finding a solution for this issue instead of just recycling the same old garbage?  


My phone still does this to this day. It never stopped doing it. Bluetooth doesn’t work properly. Podcasts don’t complete and I have to mark them as played. Same old story. I keep paying for it because I like the music choices.


there is almost nothing to like about the app and the fixes are always the same. Spotify blames it on the phone and Android system. Android blames the phone and Spotify. Motorola blames Spotify and android. The blame game.

It got fixed after I whitelisted my audio apps, including Spotify in the catch cleaning app

I have no idea what you mean.

Actullay my spotify stops streaming music exactly after 9 second.

i tried closing the app skip to the next music rewind clear the cache etc. nothing works just stops at 9 seconds.


And it is happening to me very frequently, and i would like to get a solution or fix for that please. 


I used to have an ios device and it happened as well

Recently i got an android and still getting the same issue.


Always running the latest version of Spotify and latest version of OS

and i can see there is alot of users getting the same issue but i cant see any reply form Spotify.


This really very disrespectful for all members and users. at least gives us a feed back.


More Detail i wish that would help 

am Running at that current date (31/ july/2019): 

Spotify V.

Android latest update. 

Samsung S10

Marked as solution

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


If you're experiencing a playback issue with the Android app, we suggest you create a separate thread in the Android help board here.


Make sure to provide a detailed description of the exact issue you're experiencing (e.g. if playback is pausing at regular intervals) to help us narrow down the issue and its symptoms.

Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂

  • Device- Galaxy Note 8
  • Device OS version- Android P
  • Spotify version-

I have a problem quite often when trying to play music from Spotify after connecting it to a bluetooth device (my car).


When this happens, the only solution that works 100% of the time is to force-stop the app, then clear the cache. After that, it seems to work normally again.


I shouldn't have to do this everytime I get into my car though...


...not that you can do much other than play playlists from the android app anyways.. so if you don't have a desktop computer, you can't really use spotify for anything... great business model for something that's free I guess..

Hey folks,


For those of you who are still experiencing this issue we'd recommend the following:


  • Some Android phones have Battery Optimization enabled by default. This can hinder the performance of apps such as Spotify. This is why we'd suggest disabling it. You can check how to do this for your specific brand of device here.
  • Head over to this Spotify Answer, to learn why your app might be pausing playback and check if any of the suggestions work for you.

Hope you find the info provided helpful. We're always a click away if you need more help or have questions!

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