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Music download

If own an android phone. I used to be able to choose my SD card as the location for the downloaded songs. For some reason I don't have that option anymore. I updated the app and even reinstalled it but I still can't choose. Does anyone have an idea how to get that option back or is it just not possible anymore?

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Not sure if you can fix this or not, if the option disappeared, but you can move them manually to the SD card. It depends on your phone which phone are you using, and the version of the android, because even the same android version looks a bit different on different smaprtphone brads, so it would be hard to tell you where to go, and what setting to choose. When I download some music from tubidy, it goes on my phone memory as well, I don't have a setting to change this on my phone, but I select all the mp3 files and just move them to the SD card.

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