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Music is disappearing

Music is disappearing

I have noticed that some music is disappearing. A particular case is the Shinedown's last allbum "Threat to Survival", which is not available on Spotify. Another example is the Ost of Amelie, which has been missing some melodies lately. So my question is ...why is that happening ?
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Hi bro. I don't know what that is, but my guess is that is somehow related to copyrights issues. Same thing happened with an entire album of Offspring a time ago, but now is ok.

However, I think this can be useful 4 u:


It feels kind of comfortable to know that I am not the only one facing this certain issue. I do understand the copyright laws and everything and it's disappointing, but I guess that only by knowing how people really help each other out is a relieve and I can just wait patiently for the music to reappear, if it ever happens. Thanks for the help provided I really appreciate it. 

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