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Music plays by itself after bluetooth disconnected

Music plays by itself after bluetooth disconnected

I'm having an issue with spotify playing music by itself. This happens mostly when I disconnect a bluetooth device. The app shows no music playing and the only way I can stop the music is by going into 'App Setting' on my phone and 'Force Stop' the app. To prevent this to happen I need to pause the music first on the Spotify app and then disconnect from bluetooth. 

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Hi @ArnoMarais7,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Can you let us which device this is happening with?


You should run a clean reinstall of the app, following the exact steps from this guide as well. This will assure you're running the latest app version and that the cache is cleared.


Let us know how you get on with this.



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Hi Alex,


Thanks for the response.

I did try the clean reinstall, but to no success.

I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S9Plus with a Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm.


Kind regards

Hey there @ArnoMarais7,


Thank you for your reply and confirmation.


If you have an SD card we suggest that you uninstall the app > turn off your phone > take out your SD card > turn on the phone again (without the SD card) > reinstall the app.


It would also be great if you can let us know which version of the app you have?

We'll keep an eye out for your reply.



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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I have the same issue on my Windows 10 system with a external bluetooth speaker.


Here are the steps to reproduce it


1) Connect external Bluetooth speaker

2) Set Spotify to play on external bluetooth speaker and play music

3) Press pause on spotify to pause the music

4) Disconnect or power off the external bluetooth speaker

5) Spotify automatically resumes playing music on the current default device of windows




Hey there @san9jay,

Thanks for the post.


I've tried to reproduce this on my PC but music doesn't resume after I turn off the Bluetooth speaker. 

This issue might be related to some of the sound settings on your PC or to this Spotify setting:

  1. Open Spotify on your PC > Preferences
  2. Look under Display Options
  3. Disable slider on "Show desktop overlay when using media keys"

Let us know if this worked for you.

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I Disabled slider on "Show desktop overlay when using media keys" as requested.


however even with it disabled the steps i outlined in my previous post can reproduce the problem on my PC every time.


Spotify resumes playing on the default device as soon as the external bluetooth speaker is disconnected.




Just realised I have posted in the Android section. To be clear this issue is not Android related. My issue was on Windows 10 , with the all recent versions including the latest Spotify connected to a Bose Sound Link III speaker using a bluetooth dongle.

Hey there @san9jay,


Thanks for the post and the clarification.


We've done some more digging around and it appears that this behavior is depended on your sound configuration and drivers. As, dynamic audio switching is not supported on all sound cards.


The best workaround to this is to restart the app on your PC, since there are not settings on the Spotify app which can change this behaviour.


Hope this info helps.

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Thank you @Alex for your reply and your Investigation


The issue is that Spotify restarts playing even when paused.

So can consume bandwidth unnecessarily.


The only solution is for me to completely exit Spotify instead of pausing otherwise when the bluetooth speaker goes to sleep or powers off due to inactivity,  Spotify would restart playing forever on the default windows speaker!


I request you to get the development team to look into this and find a solution. To me it should be straightforward to have an option that Spotify would never restart playing unless the play button is expressly clicked.

I am having the same issue with my Samsung s10+. When it disconnects from my car Bluetooth it plays on my phone amd doesn't show that anything is playing. I have to close Spotify, and reopen it, play something and then close it to stop it from playing. 








Hey @Bcreplant,


Thanks for your reply in this thread 🙂

We tried this from our side, but it seems we couldn’t replicate what you mention. So, in this case, we'd like to gather as much information as possible. 


We’d like to know, is this only happening with your cellphone, or when you connect a different mobile device it happens the same? It’d be awesome if you could check.

Additionally, is this happening when you connect your cellphone to another device via Bluetooth? If you’re not sure, you can check and let us know how it goes.

Finally, did you notice if this started to happen after a specific event such as an OS update? If yes, please send us the details.

We'll keep an eye on your response! 

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This is getting absolutely ridiculous.   Today, IN A MEETING AT WORK, my phone started BLASTING music out of nowhere through the phone speaker because I had just hung up a phone call that i had connected with my Sony earbuds.   Spotify wasn't even open on my phone.


When i'm in my car, every time i try to start a meeting with by car connected via bluetooth, Spotify will start f'ing playing randomly when i start the meeting even if the app is not open (and no i don't use android auto).   Needless to say this is very distracting in the car, trying to mute myself so others don't get blasted with music out of nowhere.


I've tried everything everyone has suggested out of desperation to stop this from happening.  Seriously Spotify, how difficult can this be to diagnose and fix?   No other app that've ever owned across multiple devices across multiple years has ever been this annoying and broken.  

Found a solution to this issue!  Finally!



It's called Amazon Prime Music.  Here are some great things that i've discovered over the past couple of days with my free trial of Amazon:

-- HD and Ultra HD streaming (CD quality tracks, didn't realize we were getting ripped off by Spotify this entire time...)

-- Some tracks offer Dolby Atmos (which sounds amazing with my headphones, i don't know what it is but makes the music sound more 3 dimensional...however did not sound good in my car....had to switch to regular stereo which was super easy in the app).  

-- The app actually tells you what it is streaming (bit rate, freq, codec) you can diagnose issues with your network, devices, app very quickly.  No BS.  

-- X-ray (similar to the amazon video); tells you interesting trivia about the songs


-- There are ways to transfer playlists...haven't tried it yet but fingers crossed

-- And here's the best part.  Already tested it.... NO RANDOM BLASTING OF MUSIC UNLESS I PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON.  YAY!!!!


Seriously, I didn't think i'd ever be able to ween myself off Spotify but there is some seriously good stuff out there guys.  Send a message with your wallet.   Goodbye Spotify.  It's been good.



Im having the same issue. My wife plays Spotify on either our echo show / B&O speaker, then when she logged of ... after a while, it starts blaring music without her Spotify app even being open. Serious issue guys. Need to fix this ASAP or else we will have to also go the Amazon Prime Music route as the person above.

Hello I'm having the same issue. With my samsung s21 and windows 10 device.

With Samsung, when I disconnect bluetooth headphones music starts to play from spotify even if didn't listen to spotify it is getting really annoying.

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community. 


Can you please let us know the following (if you haven't already), so we can transfer this to the relevant team:

  • Your exact device models, OS versions and Spotify versions.
  • The model of the Bluetooth device you're using.
  • Any relevant troubleshooting steps you've tried so far.

We appreciate your efforts and look forward to your replies.

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Same issue for me, it's really annoying. When I for example finish my handsfree call, disconnect headphones to put them to my pocket and Spotify starts playing from my pocket on the street, even when I didn't start it before.


My specs:

- Samsung Galaxy A40, Android 11 v. 4.4.177-25488227

- O2 Pods Plus (headphones)

- Spotify version 

Hey @4940l2mjtv8kg1rzamhc,


Thanks for all the info shared and for your reply.


It'd be really helpful if you sent us a video recording of what you kindly mentioned. You can attach it in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and make it public, so we can visualize it.

Folks, if you're experiencing this, please send us all the info asked for by @MihailY, so we can forward this important info to our tech team.


Keep us in the loop!

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Hey @AlejaR,


sorry but are you already kidding us? You have many reported devices, many describtions how to reproduce error, even too many threads with the same problem and still you are not able to reproduce that problem? How any video can help you reproduce that issue? You have few exact descriptions, so please tell your team to try finally debug it, thx.


Issue is simple:

1) connect bluetooth headphones to android device (or any other bluetooth audio device)

2) play any song from spotify

3) stop playing the song

4) disconnect bluetooth headphones

5) spotify starts play by itself from android device reproductor

... and sometimes start playing by itself even when spotify was not started before (apparently running on background when it happens)


What is requested? Spotify should not start play by itself until user will push the play button. That's all.


Thx for your attention.

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