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New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem


New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem







Samsung S8

Operating System



My Question or Issue

With the new update to Spotify removing Saved Songs and replacing it with Liked Songs you can no longer have and album saved and songs from that album in your Liked Songs tab, which means I can no longer have an album saved to go back to and also a few songs from that you really like in the Liked Songs to shuffle through.


I'm all for the new changes , but if there is a way a song can both be in a saved album and Liked Songs , it would function a bit better.

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@LenrOc86, I just reread your original post. You say that you like to download albums and not have them go into your liked songs? So are you downloading for offline use? So are you saying that when you download these they automatically go into liked songs? Because you can "save" an album in your album tab without it going into liked songs. I just don't know about downloading an album. I haven't tried that yet. 

I've noticed that if I don't save the entire album, only the songs that I have liked from that album will appear in the artists tab. This still means that the album will be completely gone from the albums tab, but if you only want to listen to songs you've liked from a specific artist, it works!


Yes, the album tab is now just for saved albums. If you don't want to save an album, it won't show up here. Also, if you save an album, you save the whole album. However, the songs won't appear in the liked songs unless you purposely like each song (or use the 3-dot menu to like all the songs).

Thanks J-Morts, that’s just the fix I was looking for 👌

Just came here to say that this new "feature" is trash.  The Artists and Albums tabs are missing TONS of items.  Thankfully I was able to pull the APK from one of my devices that had the previous version of Spotify.  Going to roll with that version for a while until you guys sort this out.

I think this is the big problem.  You used to be able to save an album and the tracks would be in the songs list.


This meant you could easily play just the album or shuffle the tracks of all saved albums.


If Spotify want to persist with the track-focused 'liked songs' approach that everyone hates the  they need to introduce something that addresses the "shuffle tracks from all my saved albums" requirement.


Personally, failing reverting to the previous  system, I would suggest that Spotify add "shuffle by album" and "shuffle all album tracks" to the album page. to randomly play whole saved albums and random tracks from any save album, respectively.


This is my first comment in this forum. I am LIVID after this update. I've been using and PAYING FOR Spotify for FOUR YEARS, all throughout college. When discovering new music I would "like" each song individually through an album as I listened. I would be able to access these songs through the Albums tab super easily. It made it super convenient to leave out songs I didn't like as much so I wouldn't have to skip when driving, etc. Because of this strategy, though, I have maybe a quarter as many albums as I should have because I didn't start using the "save" function until relatively recently. Now I have to manually "save" every album I have "liked" previously, and there's no shortcut to do this on PC or mobile (Android, fwiw). I also have albums in that tab that I NEVER saved, only liked a couple of songs from. I have this problem on older versions as well and I am unsure how far back I'd need to revert to reverse this problem, if that's even possible at this point. Some of my downloaded albums also disappeared, likely because I "liked" them instead of "saving"! Why would they separate these functions so suddenly and without warning? They worked the same before and it was easy to understand. I'm seriously considering unsubscribing from Premium if they don't fix this - Apple Music is the same price per month as a student.

This is BEYOND stupid.  I've been wondering for over a week why Spotify wouldn't add saved album's songs to my Liked Songs.  I finally find this thread, with Spotify saying they did it on purpose?  Seriously? Like you couldn't have just added a second button that says "Save Album Only", or similar, and leave everything AS-IS.  And, like others said, the option to click "..." and see "Save All Songs" DOES NOT EXIST on the Windows Desktop App.  Who is managing this development team?  I see issues like this constantly popping up, on a "genre" of software that is EASY to write and maintain, and should be beyond mature at this point.  It's like they reached critical user mass and decided to cut the development budget by 90%. 


In the meantime, for those in my predicament and equally inconvenienced, the fastest way I've found to accomplish adding all songs from an album to my liked songs is to click through to the album (showing just the tracks of that album), click any one of the songs, hit Ctrl-A (select all), right click, and select "Add to My Library".  Yes, it's still a pain. 


And, on a tangent, how many years have people been asking for a raise to the 10,000 library song limit?  Your answer is totally bogus.  You are storing simple lists, pointers, to the same songs - no significant extra storage or processing required.  How would increasing a simple list size affect the performance of your server or the "99%" (yeah right!) who don't have 10,000 songs in their library.  I'm seriously looking at other options now, because Spotify appears completely clueless to it's users' needs, their answers seem disingenuous at best, and is slow as molasses to address even the easiest of fixes.


Seriously, if they will not fix this anytime soon, I am removing my subscription! That is just bad!!!

Also first time using this forum, and also coming here to explicity let spotify know they have ruined the service for me. They need to give their head a shake, this is absolute horsesh*t.


*Slow clap* You've completely ruined how the library should work. As with most long time users, I will also be canceling my premium is this is not rectified by my next billing period.

So I have to click every song from the album individualy now just to do the same thing that I used to be able to do with one button press?  seems like you guys just made the interface worse to me.

I have been clicking the plus + sign to add songs to my song list, and I liked that list very much. It is what I was downloading on my mobile to play offline any time I wanted to listen in my car or other. I had over a 1000 songs in that list, but now it just jumped to over 4000 songs in "liked songs" which is too big to download and seems to cause other issues. It renders my premium subscription to download items pretty useless accept for the ads factor. What did it combine and how do I get rid of those that weren't in my "Songs" list?

My desktop app updated to this in the last few days and I have to say that it is the most pointless and infuriating thing to happen to spotify EVER in the 5 or 6 years I have been a subscriber. The old "save" system tied individual songs, artists and albums together in a concise way but now for some **bleep**ing reason the braindead zombies who have been employed to do a good job at spotify thought it was a great idea just to undo all of that. You could "save" an album and all the songs would be saved, the album would show up in the albums tab, the songs in the songs tab and the artist would be saved with the songs showing up when you click on them. Now you have to clog up your follow list to get the artist to show, save the album individually from the songs to get that to show up, and click on every individual song to get them to show up on the songs tab. On top of the heart icons everywhere being extremely tacky like it's in 2010. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? I have stuck with spotify all these years purely out of convenience but if they stick with this**bleep** and don't change it back this is the final straw for me.

THIS IS SO BAD! Great update, podcasts make more sense now, but let's fundamnetally change the way people organize music while we're at it. wth?!?! Who doesn't want to knock a song or two off an album they otherwise like? THIS IS SO STUPID.

The UX people at Spotify have honestly lost their minds recently. This update makes it harder to listen to music you've saved, why would I want to individually save songs if the functionality to save an album to my library already existed in a convenient way? I like to listen to all the saved songs I have, I can save 5 or 6 albums in a row and just listen to them. Don't like an album? No problem, easily remove it.


Now you've created a system where I can either listen to 1 album at a time, or I have to create playlists arbitrarily, OR I have to individually add or remove songs from my songs playlist. This is just idiocy. 


Your UX people have truly gone down the crapper recently, tell them to wind their necks in



This is one of the reasons I've historically curated a personal playlist called 'Favorites', in case they change the behavior of liked things in the past and ruin my organization in the process (which would not be the first time).


The best I can make out is that any albums which were already saved in your Albums library before they introduced this new Liked Songs library not only stayed there, but every single song in those albums were also automatically added to Liked Songs.  Ugh.  So, if you had 100 albums saved in your Albums library then your new Liked Songs library immediately started with likely thousands of songs.  Pointless and essentially redundant.


Yet, going forward any albums which are now saved do not automatically add all songs in that album to the 'Liked Songs' library.  


What I've done is (on the Windows app) selected every single song in the Like Songs library (shift+click on first and last in list) and then selected the (right-click) "Remove from your liked songs" option to wipe out the entire Liked Songs library.  (This had no impact on my Albums library, as all existing albums stayed there.)  This is what Spotify should have done from the start as I can't imagine anyone wanting their Liked Songs library to basically be a duplicate of their Albums library.


Now I can just start using the 'Save to your Liked Songs' Heart button to add any song regardless of whether I want the album saved or not.  Overall not a terrible change, but since many people organize their libraries differently some may disagree.  Either way, how it was implemented was Spotify's typical hammer-a-nail-with-a-sledgehammer approach that I' grown accustomed to over the year.


I don't understand the logic in this. What is the point in liking an album if its not to quickly like all the songs on this album. Take my two use case scenarios which I am now struggling with:


1. I want to add all the songs from a double album to my favourites. I don't like two of the songs on this 24 track double album. Previously, the UX would be like album, unlike two songs. Now its, like 22 songs one by one. How is this better?


2. I can't like any more songs because I've reached my like capacity. Previously, I'd go through my saved albums and unlike some of my least listened to albums which would unlike all the songs on that album too giving me another album's worth of songs I can like. Now, if I unlike an album it leaves all the songs liked and I have to search my enormous list of liked songs to try and find tracks I'm not bothered about which is way harder. Plus, when I unlike a song it takes a second or two for the UI to catch up and reposition the songs in the list meaning its easy to accidentally unlike a song you didn't mean to because the UI suddenly moves under the mouse.


Honestly, this is such a terrible "feature". I don't know who this helps but its made my experience much worse.


For the above poster, use a playlist (or multiple) to manage songs you don't necessarily need in your normal liked songs list.  Spend an hour or so, and go through your liked songs and move a bunch to a "less often listened" (you get the idea) playlist.


And, yes, as I've already mentioned in an earlier post, this new "feature" is a joke.

Is there a way for me to roll back to a previous version of the app? I think this might be easier than switching streaming services but clearly the app in its latest iteration isn’t intended for library shufflers like myself...

spotify hasn't given two shts about user experience for a very long time. they've been ruining their best features since 2012. they don't listen to their community at all or care about what features their users actually want. I would leave but I just stay for the discover weekly feature.

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