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No Internet Connection - Samsung Note 3

No Internet Connection - Samsung Note 3

So, this is an issue I've been having for a long time across multiple phones. I'll open the app on my phone and it'll say that I don't have an Internet connection. Sometimes restarting the app or the phone will fix the problem, other times I simply have to wait until it feels like working. As a paying customer, it's beginning to become a major problem that I can't use the app for portions of the day.
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Hey there. Thanks for your input!

Don't try to explain your mind, I know what's happening here. One minute it's love, and suddenly it's like a battlefield!

Why is it the smallest things that tear us down, my world's nothing when Spotify broken in my town. Sometimes however it depends on Internet connection. Have you even tried is this time for listen faster over Wifi connection (home internet)? Mobile internet can be sometimes very slow and that's why sometimes you need to wait... There's nothing Spotify can do for you.
Please also let me know if clean reinstallation of app solves this battlefield.
After all, tell me if there's no help. I will look!
Personally I would suggest a 4G LTE phone and mobile plans as these are usually faster and ping is lower than on 3G. In my situation Spotify opens a more faster for first play... with this 4G connection... Also I discovered some areas here where 3G is 1-2/4 bars but due to hard place (frequent woods), there's no data transfering even if you have bars... So try also if something else works like YouTube. If no, it's network problem and you should contact your operator.
Hopefully I can hear all sorts of stuff from you soon! Thanks for your time.

I sometimes get that too. Seems the app is leading faster than it can determine there's a connection. However is not enough to be a distraction. Maybe a clean installation would help? Link on how to is in my signature

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