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No Search option on Main menu


No Search option on Main menu

Hello all!

I've just downloaded the app today by first time in my Galaxy Fame and since then I'm having problems with Search option. I know it should appear above Explore option in top left corner menu, it appears only one time after login (I did it several times) then, after searching anything, it dissappears again.

I already tried turning off and on phone, take off battery, uninstall and reinstall, checked connection, erase data and cache, and in every try Search option appears only first time y star app and then dissappears again!

I already restarted device when troubleshooting in section B.
Android version 4.1.2
Account Premium 
Space left on your device... 1.10GB 
Space left on your External SD card 2.86GB 
Is your device rooted?I
Did you set your external SD card as storage location? No
 Did you manually install an older version before installing the latest version from the Play Store? No 
Do you have the same issue when switching between WiFi/Mobile Data (If applicable)?Yes
My mobile Spotify version
My mobile provider and country: Movistar Mexico
My username: kartogu
I'm logging in with Facebook login details.

Thank you in advance 🙂
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Mine came back momentarily, then disappeared again (looked as if it literally slipped upwards). KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Hello Spotify? Are you out there? My latest subscription is about to be paid - do I get a refund while we wait for you to fix this?


This seems to affect a large number of devices, if not all. Wasn't this supposed to be discovered in the beta?

disappearance function searches tab2 p3100 samsung 4.1.2

No search menú

Username: Carlos.mendoza2903

I pay 10$ a month for this? I just switched over from an iPhone to a galaxy, and this is what I get. A Spotify app that doesn't do what its supposed to. When will this issue be fixed? Are you going to refund me for the missed experience ? No? Didn't think so. Get it to get her Spotify. I'm very displeased.

Deleted the cache and all data, then logged back into the app. Had the search option for about 5 seconds until I switched to look at My Music ... then reinstalled but this didn't help .... sigh.

Lately to want to search for a song or artist has become complicated, the search option disappears all time, only appears Browse, Activity, Radio, Your music, but the search does not appear, and I have days with the same problem. I use phone Samsung S4

Indeed, I'm also a premium user and it is completely unacceptable that you can't dispose of a proper search function. My interest is obscure jazz and forgotten 18th century composers. I'm quite at a lossnow ever to find a lot of music back.
Spotify : please re-introduce the search function rapidly !! I'm afraid that I turn to other providers otherwise.

Same issue here. Restartin the app seems to fix it for one search, then you have to restart again for antoher search.

On my android and with premium account suddenly the option to search for music had dissapear. I can explore playlists but I can not make a search. Someone had the same problem or can help me? Thank u all!

We're discussing this in a thread about androids.  One poster says tapping a spot above "browse" brings the search icon back for them.  Doesn't work for me on my Alcatel Pop 7.  What I found is  This site gives a search window.  Typing your choice into it brings your choice magically into the real Spotify app.  


Spotify needs to fix this prob in the real app post haste in our opinion.  We don't know if they even know about it.  Or care.  Though of course they should, both.

Have the same problem...
Latest version of Spotify
Android 4.3
Samsung Galaxy S3

Spotify thinks i'm Offline when Wifi is on,it works only with Mobile Data ...
What can i do ?

I've been using Spotify for years, all of the sudden on my android phone the search bar just randomly doesn't show up, with no way of searching. If I reset my phone it shows up but will disappear within minutes. I've searched this forum butane not hard enough because I can't find anyone with the same problem.

Since 2 days I have the same problem witth the search bar on my samsung s3 smartphone (not on my laptop!). I am also eager to find a solution to this.

I've the same problem.

Search bar disappeared all of sudden!


Phone: Huawei G700, SO Android 4.2.1

how can they ruin such basic and important feature????


VERY ANNOYING. I would very much like to listen to what I want not only what Spotify thinks I may want to listen to or things I have previously listened to.

See subject

I am using for android

Android 4.1.2 - Also search is missing !!! 

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