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No Search option on Main menu


No Search option on Main menu

Hello all!

I've just downloaded the app today by first time in my Galaxy Fame and since then I'm having problems with Search option. I know it should appear above Explore option in top left corner menu, it appears only one time after login (I did it several times) then, after searching anything, it dissappears again.

I already tried turning off and on phone, take off battery, uninstall and reinstall, checked connection, erase data and cache, and in every try Search option appears only first time y star app and then dissappears again!

I already restarted device when troubleshooting in section B.
Android version 4.1.2
Account Premium 
Space left on your device... 1.10GB 
Space left on your External SD card 2.86GB 
Is your device rooted?I
Did you set your external SD card as storage location? No
 Did you manually install an older version before installing the latest version from the Play Store? No 
Do you have the same issue when switching between WiFi/Mobile Data (If applicable)?Yes
My mobile Spotify version
My mobile provider and country: Movistar Mexico
My username: kartogu
I'm logging in with Facebook login details.

Thank you in advance 🙂
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Phone asked me to update so I did to version and since that the search function has gone so cant search for the music I want to download. Can someone help? Read the trouble shooting about uninstalling but wont I lose all the music I have downloaded?
Samsung galaxy iii mini
SD card-0.97GB

Hi @anne819011! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


For now, reinstalling the app is your best bet. Yes, you will loose your downloaded music but there is good news!


Music you have saved is tied to your account so all you have to do is log in, remark the playlists/albums you want to download and they will download right away!


It's an inconvienence, I know but all it takes for now is a little wifi and patientience to fix. Hope this helps!

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

My Playlists
Accept my post as the solution if I was helpful!

Just opened mine after days. Used to search different artists but now the search bar is niwhere to be found. Is this a new update??

My android phone (Samsung S3) has lost the search bar! I've tried to uninstall/reinstall the spotify app but the search bar still goes missing. I turn off my phone and turn it back on and I get the search bar back (and logging off and back on again also gets my search bar back)...but only until I play one of my on the track..then press the little arrow down symbol in the top left corner...then as I go back a page the search bar has disappeared! Pressing on the top left '3 lines' symbol only gives me choices of Browse at the top and 'your music' etc. In other words, this menu no longer has the search option after I've pressed on the little down arrow in the top left corner within an individual track.
What's going on? I could search a few days ago. I can't be expected to log off/log in every time I want to search for something???
Please respond asap with a fix. I'm going on holiday soon...and would like to use it!
Thank you for your help..

For the love of God respond to this Spotify! What the hell is this? Can't search for music on MUSIC PLAYER. And I pay money for this. You. There is no customer support number, so the only way to resolve this is on this forum. I post and don't even get a solution. Absolutely ridiculous. Cancelling my account ASAP unless you fix this problem so I can listen to what I want. I've been a customer for years

Hello all, I've gone ahead and passed this along to Spotify, and hopefully they'll have something for you all soon. 

Hello adam, this is a common issue that's been reported on the forums the last few days. I went ahead and passed this thread along to Spotify, and hopefully they'll have an answer for you all soon. I would suggest keeping an eye on that thread and seeing if any solutions get posted there. Cheers!

Hi, i cant find my search bar at all. It is gone.
Its not that my connection is bad, i cant find it. It is nowhere. I ha e tried everything. Completly reinstalling phone and spotify twice.

What to do?

same problem with last upgrade cmon devs,fix it fast

No search here too. Please sort this Spotify. Long time full subscriber!!!!

Search wont appear looked for an hour... no human help... lost songs and playlists and other stuff before... these bugs annoy the hell put of me... they charge more than netflix and its a worse experience... put me in a well bad mood

Wont be joining spotify after trial your not worth £10 a month yet sorry

Appears on android.. reinstall didnt help... android v4 samsun g2

There are several threads here about this. If the last person actually knows how to get Spotify to act instead of having us all tell each other how we're screwed, which it seems is what this forum is for, more power to them.


Someone in another thread says tapping above "browse" brings search back. Doesn't work on my Alcatel tablet.



Whst does work, but only for artists, not songs (haven't yet tried it for album titles) is, which will respond to an artist put in its search box with a list of albums.  Select one & it will be brought into actual Spotify.

Close the app and re open
This helps
But spotify must act quickly, is no service at all

But why does it happen?

I'm fairly new to Spotify and this started happening almost straight away. Pathetic. And I'm cynical enough to think that it may be their way of pushing you to "browse" new music and artists. Follow the money. They either fix this soon or I'm outta here.

I don't imagine its intentional.  The person on the other thread says they just need to move "search" 40 pixels (or whatever) down in their new format to make it visible on Androids.  Its just incredibly sloppy programming not to test on all major platforms before you foist it on them.


And callous not to have fixed it already.  I'm not going to de-install & re-install every day in hopes of a magic fix.  It could make it even worse.  If somebody else wants to test this, please tell us.î

I have the same issue

I uninstalled and reinstalled and as soon as I have a single item under recent music the search bar is gone. The only fix is to delete all my data and again it only fixes it until after I play a single song..

I paid for three months of Spotify Premium, I still have a month and a half left before it expires. I used to be able to search new music in the app, but now the search bar is non-existant. It's nowhere to be found. What's going on? My app is up to date by the way, and yes I do have an internet connection. The search bar is just nowhere to be found.

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