No ability to stop songs coming up in daily playlists

No ability to stop songs coming up in daily playlists


The title is pretty self explanatory, you can't stop songs from coming up in daily mixes. While I do understand that there is a "hide this song" feature on mobile to prevent a particular song coming up, it still does come up in the playlist (and sometimes still plays??) and if you use another device with the same account, say your PC, it will still show up and (because the PC app is so neglected and NEVER receives any updates) there's absolutely no ability to remove that song.

My suggestion, as many many others have suggested on this community section, is, when you select "hide this song" perhaps that means it does exactly that. Doesn't come up in the playlist anymore. It's wasted space to keep it there when you could put in another song that IS actually good. Not to mention adding the feature to PC at all is a solution too. I have seen your moderators & community people suggest to not see that artist, this is NOT a help, as my issue (and many others) lies with one song only. The rest of the artists music is good.

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Hey @ArmourDyldo,

Thanks for posting in the Community.

We get that you're unsatisfied with the way your personalized playlists get curated and that you keep seeing a title that you dislike. To be able to teach the app to improve the personalization of the playlists made for you, please read on how on our support page here. Also, keep in mind that if you've followed the particular artists (so you did not use the "Don't play this" option), the algorithm might still suggest and play that tune for you, based on its popularity.  It's also good to know that changes in your musical preferences might become notable within one to three weeks of time.

Hope this helps clarify things. Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.

Kiril Moderator
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I have the same issue - disliked titles still play on my Echo dot, this makes the "dislike/hide song" function completely useless, any help?


Sadly, as Spotify moderators have said, just deal with it as they don't care and aren't interested in fixingit or making it better.  The whole application on mobile and PC is missing so many features, or it has features that don't work it's appalling. Take "import music" for example, "feature" is there on mobile, straight up doesn't work. It's a HUGE work around to get it to kind of work on PC and even then, it hardly works on other devices once added in.


Hey Kiril,


I know your intentions are pure, but you're completely missing my point here. You've got a "feature" on the app that doesn't work and needs improving.

What I'm trying to say is, if I select "hide this song" I expect that song to now be hidden and not play on that playlist, not just that playlist for those 24hrs on that one device. I'm aware that the algorithm is ever changing and that's great! But when I come across a song I REALLY don't like, I don't want it forced down my throat every time I play that recommended playlist. 


Yup that’s the essence of the problem, when you hide/dislike a song, you don’t want to hear it, period. 

My daily mix is now FULL of songs I absolutely don’t ever want to hear again and they get played daily, the complete opposite of what I want! 

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