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No results found asteroid parrot

No results found asteroid parrot

It used to work, but now I can't use the search function. Yes, I am connected by WiFi, confirmed. Same for inbox, what's new and top lusts.
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Same here, no solution yet. Tried reinstalling, doens't fix the problem. Anyone?

Same issue on my asteroid smart

I've contacted Spotify and the problem seems to he on Parrot side. I'm waiting for their solution since last week, so i hope it is fixed soon.

I spent almost half an hour on live chat to an agent and they told me to contact Parrot too. If you get an answer will you post the solution please? I'm going to raise a support request with Parrot tomorrow night.

Please do and ill keep you updated

It's impossible for the problem to be on the Parrot side as it was working
for all of us and then suddenly it stopped working. This happened a while
back and parrot support said Spotify probably changed their api on their
server and the parrot app doesn't support the new api. Parrot promised to
upgrade their app if the problem doesn't clear up.

That was my thought exactly, since the playlists etc are working fine. So we should get a fix from Parrot.
Called them again today, for i first contacted them on 28-12-2017 and never received response.

Today they would email me so I can explain the problem again. Didn't receive any mail (and yes, the emailadress was correct and its not in spam folder).

So I'm starting to worry that Parrot has not enough personel or time or they just don't care... I will keep you posted.

Since today the App disappeared from the asteroid market on my device. Logging in wouldn't work, tries reinstalling: impossible. I've rooted the device earlier on so i tried the playstore App. This one does work, but nog as handy as the one from asteroid did. Anyone else?

The app still shows in my asteroid market but I can't login, it tells me I need a premium subscription and logs me out (I do have premium)

My Spotify account is linked to Facebook, don't know if that's relevant or not?

Yes that's the message i got too a few hours ago. This morning it worked fine. After unistalling i was unable to reinstall (Just didn't find it in market). Seems like theyre either updating or removing the feature and support..?

Are you using an asteroid smart? It shows under ‘My Applications’ for me but not in the main market

I use the Tablet. Even if it's still available it's nog working. Lets hope it's because they're fixing the issues!

Hope so, have tweeted both Parrot and Spotify

Just called the Asteroid helpdesk: the support for spotify has been discontinued.

They couldn't say anything about whether it will come back. The person told me to contact Spotify for further information. I'm afraid they will give the same answer. 


FYI, I am able to use the Spotify App from the Play Store (Google). You'll have to root your device to be able to use the Play Store on Asteroid. PM me if your're interested how to.

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