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Note 2 error: "Bluetooth share has stopped" [SOLUTION FOUND!]


Note 2 error: "Bluetooth share has stopped" [SOLUTION FOUND!]

Hi everyone,


The current Spotify version causes my Note 2 to give the error "unfortunately bluetooth share has stopped" every time a new song is played, which disconnects my wireless headphones. 

The update before that made Spotify give a warning that it can't see the SD card, then opening the app just gave a blank screen.


Anyone know a safe place to get an older Spotify APK? I guess about three months old? (Or a fix to make the current version work)


Samsung Note 2, Android 4.3. Not rooted.






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I have the same, both in my car and with my Speaker2go. I noticed that in my car now the name of song and artist suddenly is visible (just before before bluetooth crashes) in the car display which it hasnt been before. Perhaps the problems has something to do with that?
Thanks for (temporary?) solution👍
Phone: Galaxy S3

I just got this reply from Spotify customer service:
Thanks for your email. We'll be happy what to do right now, about our Partner issues.

We'll need to apologize but this isn’t something we’re able to help out with, but our team at Partner services are nice and friendly and can look after you. Get in touch with them at clicking here.

Let us know if you have further questions,

Kind regards,


Spotify Customer Support

Sweet Jesus, they have 419 scammers working their support desks.

Same problem with Samsung S3 and Android 4.3. only since the last update.

Both my wife and I are having the same problems with our Galaxy S3's since the last update. So there has been lots of backwards and forwards with support and the final reply was "I am sorry to disappoint you, but at the moment Spotify does not actually support playback through Bluetooth. However, with Spotify Connect you can play music through your speakers, TV, or laptop using the Spotify app as a remote"


So now I can't use it in my home or car. Nice one Spotify, how to lose customers in one simple update.

You could use headset plug into car?

Thanks Mark, I would lose so much like the artwork and text. I can also scroll through tracks using the steering wheel instead of having to use the phone.

Sent anoter inquiry to them, and this is the answer I got now:


Spotify does not support playback through Bluetooth.

Feel free to reply in the thread you have provided, with enough attention we might come with a fix very soon.

If Spotify is losing connection regularly or stuttering when streaming, you can always try these troubleshooting steps.

We are sorry for the caused inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.

Have a nice day,


Spotify Customer Support

"Spotify does not support playback through Bluetooth"

This is ridiculous. Seriously.

I presume that no less than 50% of Spotify users play music through Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Come on, it's 2015, not 2005.

I found this yesterday...


Any fix for Bluetooth crashes in 4.3 (T889UVUCMK7)?


The latest software update to 4.3 (T889UVUCMK7) seems to make the Note II subject to bug #67272 ( This means that once the phone has encountered (e.g. in a car stopped next to you, in a mall, etc; no pairing is necessary) more than 1990 different Bluetooth devices, the Bluetooth service is crashing and restarting whenever a new Bluetooth device is nearby. Often this is accompanied by repeated "Unfortunately, Bluetooth Share has Stopped" error messages. This makes Bluetooth unusable, lets the phone get rather hot, and the battery drains quickly. It took me about 2 months after updating my Note II to 4.3 to reach this state.


As far as I can tell, this can only be fixed by either doing a factory reset, or by rooting the phone and manually editing the xml file that triggers the bug. Neither is a permanent solution because the bug will reoccur whenever 1990 Bluetooth devices have been encountered. There's an app (BLE Crash Resolver) that tries to circumvent this problem, but it doesn't seem to work on the Note II.


This is a serious issue in the latest update available for the Note II. What are the plans to fix this for T-mobile's Note II users? On what timescale?


Until a fix becomes available, is it possible to downgrade the Note II back to an earlier OS version that doesn't suffer from this bug?



I don't think it's Note 2 related, as I'm on a Galaxy S3 SPHL710 and had the same issue. Installing an older version of Spotify resolved it for me. See my post above.

I have a Samsung S3 and it solved the problem when I uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled a earlier version also. 🙂



The problem you're reporting is not the same problem we're having here.

This problem occurs only with Spotify, when Spotify is off, bluetooth works just fine.


Today i installed the new update, which seems to have made it worse, now every 2-3 mins Bluetooth disconnects, it's so annoying that i had to stop using it.


If it won't get fixed, it's useless.

And in anycase, i find it unacceptable for an app to make important functions as Bluetooth to crash.




Samsung S3 (not rooted) 

Android 4.3



Nitsan's solution on page 1 of this thread solved the problem for me. Thanks!

Every Spotify update since July 17, 2015 have been a problem for my Note 3. I only had the problem with Spotify. No other Bluetooth application was affected.

I uninstalled Spotify, installed the July 14 2015 Spotify (Spotify and I am now enjoying uninterrupted music via Bluetooth. Yea!

B. U. T. FULL!!!!!!!   I was getting very MAD because my music was shutting down in the gym via bluetooth headphones. I was checking things out online and try downloading an app for the problem but it didnt work. Another place said I had to root my phone and change something?????? Then I came here saw the idea of downloading a previous version and.....WA LA it works!!!!!!   Back to good workouts!!!!




@  Nitsan wrote:
Wow! It seems that my message with the fix got deleted by whoever moderates this forum. 😮

Okay, maybe without links it won't get deleted:

I installed Spotify APK version from "APK mirror".

This fixed the issue, but I'm now even more amazed at this awful customer service from Spotify.


Same Problem here with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I will try the workarround when i am back home.

Thanks to Nitsan! 

Thanks for this - now how do I stop Spotify updating again - as by today the app had been upgraded again and I had to do the workaround again!

you have to disable autoupdate in play store app:
- open play store
- search for spotify
- menu (3 dots in right corner) -> uncheck auto-update

Talking with 'Spotify cares' on Twitter via direct message they've said they ARE aware of this and their very best technical people are beavering away to fix it.


I don't know why they don't cascade this down to their 1st line support people so they don't waste our time with nonsensical response such as "we don't support bluetooth" and "reboot your phone taking the battery out for at least 30 minutes" and "try using this test logon".

Same problem here using a Samsung Galaxy S3.


I specifically moved to Spotify from Deezer as the playback (both wired and bluetooth) used to be so terrible on that, and Spotify was nice and smooth whatever the connection. Now, when listening via BT, everytime the track changes I lose connection and get that same 'Bluetooth share has stopped' error message on my phone. Also, I too have noticed that, when using it in my car, the in-car display temporarily shows the track details where it never used to.


I have emailed their support guys and told them if they palm me off with that same old flannel of 'we don't support bluetooth', I will have cancelled my subscription before even reaching the end of their reply!

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