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Note 2 error: "Bluetooth share has stopped" [SOLUTION FOUND!]


Note 2 error: "Bluetooth share has stopped" [SOLUTION FOUND!]

Hi everyone,


The current Spotify version causes my Note 2 to give the error "unfortunately bluetooth share has stopped" every time a new song is played, which disconnects my wireless headphones. 

The update before that made Spotify give a warning that it can't see the SD card, then opening the app just gave a blank screen.


Anyone know a safe place to get an older Spotify APK? I guess about three months old? (Or a fix to make the current version work)


Samsung Note 2, Android 4.3. Not rooted.






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It seems to be Galaxy Notes and S3 mainly that are in this thread. As an S3
user myself and I hope spotify doesn't ignore this issue because of a small
number of devices having this issue

when your in the play store and on the spotify page hit the menu key and
uncheck auto update..

Hey. I tried the solution you provided but it just gives me a error msg saying app not installed. Any special ways of doing it?
Why does this company make it so darn hard to actually support them? I mean.. Does not support Bluetooth play, I.e not our problem..
Beyond pathetic response

I wonder if Google Play Music supports bluetooth...

Right needed to uninstall my original Spotify app. I tried to work around that because I had 10gb or so pre downloaded material that now needs to be re downloaded, and as I am away on vacation,that sucks.

Anyway, spotify get your hands of your dicks and work this **bleep** out.

You may have to allow apps outside the play store to be installed

My last msg seems removed. I had to uninstall Spotify and then reinstall the downloaded file.. Very very annoying since I lost all pre downloaded songs.

U rock! Thank you for your help

Have the same issue with a Galaxy S3. As I use Spotify at home and in the car about 50/50 I have lost half of the service functionality.
I'm going to wait and see if they will fix it or if it really is a case of not suporting this functionality. In the meantime checking out some of the alternatives. Sofar I really haven't found a reason not to switch my service provider from Spotify...

I am experiencing the same issue using a Samsung Galaxy Samsung S4 with the latest update (v3.3.0.988).


Every time I try to play a song through my Samsung HW-F355 Air Track Wireless Subwoofer and my  Seat Leon Bluetooth, comes up the message "unfortunately buetooth share has stopped".


It's VERY VERY annoying.  I did a factory reset in my phone and l lost  aroun 10 gb of great music, and didn't fix the problem.


Please, fix it! and make a new update soon!!!

I know that spotfy was the problem when I played music directly from the lybrary in the phone and I didn't have the problem also when a made a call. IT works fine without touching spotify!

Thanks Nitsan problem solved

Samsung Galaxy S4

What get's me is the patent horsesh!t of the Spotify line that they do not support bluetooth, when their product played via bluetooth perfectly well on my S4 until recently, and if I shift playback to my laptop bluetooth works without issue.


So you do have and do support Bluetooth Spotify but you have made a change that has caused this bug on at least some devices and that change happened on June 17.


Does Spotify even watch this forum?  


Because if they do, they should understand that one of the ways they are likely to attract more customers is for them to hear Spotify played through a friend's bluetooth device.  It is in your ineterst Spotify to fix this and fix it quickly rather than run the party line "we don't support" what is a minimum performance expectation in 2015.


Why not just say "we don't support stereo".


We are paying for a service here Spotify and there are alternatives so I suggest you acknowledge that there is an issue an fix it quickly.

Same problem as everyone else with the latest app! This is a joke! Fix it asap or lose my subscription.
How can you put out an update that is worse than the previous version? !

that's really a bad joke ... tried several hours to fix this bug ... because I first thought it's a problem of my bluetooth or smartphone device. than realized that its just a really annoying spotify update again. unbelievable - if they won't fix that in near future, I will be away. using bluetooth devices is one of the fundamental basics spotify should offer. 

Please Fix that soon !


same problem with my galaxy S3. Is someone know if Spotify will fix this issue soon? did they communicate something? if no news in the next days, I stop my subscription. I heard that google play or deezer have no problem with bluetooth...

Hi folks,


Samsung Galaxy S3 - the same bluetooth connection loss issue after update. The downgrading fixed posted by the original poster solved the issue for me. but frankly, I consider this a work-around. What's more disconcerting than the bug itself are the "well, we actually do not care" reactions by customer support: Guys at Spotify. honestly, please take a second to consider the recent changes in the streaming market and ask your dev departement (who rolled out a obviously flawed update) whether something could be done ON YOUR SIDE to resolve this issue permanently. This is actually a hot-fix candidate...


Yours truely,


Same problem here!! Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300)


Marked as solution

We have identified that this problem affects all users on Samsung devices with Android OS version 4.3 running Spotify version 3.3.0. We have fixed this issue in Spotify version 3.4.0, which we hope to release very soon. Users can downgrade to Spotify 3.2.0 (as others have posted), wait for this Spotify 3.4.0 release, or, if possible, update to a new Android version.

We are very sorry for the inconvienence.

Dear Spotify,


I also have this issue since 2 weeks where my S3 disconnects from my BT Beats head set every new song.

At reconnection that takes place automatically the volume needs to be adjusted again.


In my car where I stream Spotify over my BT radio the BT stopped sharing pops up after 1 minute and BT disconnects after some 4 minutes.

Then reconnects automatically.

During the 4 minutes my navigation is blocked by this big warning sign and can’t see what’s on the screen. Very annoying since I use it every day to commute.


Spotify can you indicate your engineers are working on this regression and indicate it's a Spotify issue or not?

Thanks in advance.


Best regards,



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