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Note 2 error: "Bluetooth share has stopped" [SOLUTION FOUND!]


Note 2 error: "Bluetooth share has stopped" [SOLUTION FOUND!]

Hi everyone,


The current Spotify version causes my Note 2 to give the error "unfortunately bluetooth share has stopped" every time a new song is played, which disconnects my wireless headphones. 

The update before that made Spotify give a warning that it can't see the SD card, then opening the app just gave a blank screen.


Anyone know a safe place to get an older Spotify APK? I guess about three months old? (Or a fix to make the current version work)


Samsung Note 2, Android 4.3. Not rooted.






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Please see the above post: We have identified that this problem affects all users on Samsung devices with Android OS version 4.3 running Spotify version 3.3.0. We have fixed this issue in Spotify version 3.4.0, which we hope to release very soon. Users can downgrade to Spotify 3.2.0 (as others have posted), wait for this Spotify 3.4.0 release, or, if possible, update to a new Android version.
We are very sorry for the inconvienence.
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Well okay im out i will cancel my suscription. I don't gonna pay for an useless service. I have the same problem.

Downgraded to 3.2.0 and will test it tonight.
Would be fair though to give people a heads up on this issue and auto roll back for those who desire.

I think this regression is major and taking into account S3 is sold > 50 million lots of people will suffer from this issue.

Regards Leon


Thanks Lawrencek, that post looks promising. I really hope the 3.4.0 version fixes the bluetooth and the wifi connection problem on my GS4.

I also installed Spotify APK version from "APK mirror" and it immediately fixed the problem on my Samsung S3.


I had to remove current 3.3 version before it would load 3.2.


I also stopped Spotify from automatically updating until 3.4 is released.

I did.
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Spotify Beta version fixed the Bluetooth disconnect problem for me on my galaxy note 3.

The beta is now Going to test on my Note 2 tonight.

My Galaxy will not allow me to install because it did not come from Google Play.

Any ideas anyone? Other than bin Spotify.

Go to "settings" - "more" - "security" - "unknown sources" and check it so it will allow apps from unknown origin to install.


Depending on your Android version you may not see the "more" step but you look for "Unknown sources" (or something like that) under  "Security" .



How can you download and earlier version i have tried everything listed and for some reason it wont work. Samsung S4


WHEN will the update be out are we talking weeks or months

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Spotify version 3.4.0, which resolves this issue is rolling out to everyone today. Sorry for the inconvenience again. We are working to ensure Bluetooth works well on all phones and issues like this don't occur again in the future.

Hey Nitsan! Just would like to say Thank You!! for helping me (and many others) to solve a problem that almost drove me nuts.
Mikael from Sweden/Europe

Ok, bei mir funktioniert es wieder nach dem Update (S3 und Bluettooth) 🙂

i have the same problem in my car (volvo) and my wireless blue tooth speker (philips fidelio) using a samsumg tab 3 lite.


do you have any idea when the problem will be solved???

Your solution is above. Either install the beta or wait for the new update.

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