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Offline Playlists are gone after SD Card disconnect

Offline Playlists are gone after SD Card disconnect

Hey folks, I am facing quite an annoying bug, but let me explain the situation first.
My phone sadly doesn't like SD cards. This means that it sometimes randomly "ejects" my card and reconnects to it immediately afterwards. It is a bit weird but it does not harm the data or anything and it only lasts for a split second.

But about one out of ten times Spotify doesn't recognize my offline Playlists afterwards. The data is still there but Spotify does not see it anymore. Is there any way to let the app "rediscover" the data? I am asking this because one time when I started re-syncing my data, Spotify suddenly discovered all of it again without re-downloading it... So it has to work somehow.

My usual procedure after the fatal loss of my offline Playlists is to delete my Spotify data and restart the phone. Otherwise Spotify would try to write on my internal space although there is way more space on the SD card.

The more offline songs I collect, the more annoying things get when it is all lost again.

I am looking forward to your help!

LG G2 Mini
5.0.2 (happened on the previous version, too)
Spotify app (happened in previous versions, too)
Reinstalling the app did not help.
If you need anything else, let me know.
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Just wanted to know if You tried to replace the SD card with a more compatible one.

I used Sandisk on a Samsung phone but I had to switch to a Samsung SD card.

This phone behaviour is not normal at all, so I do not think there is an official solution from Spotify.

Anyway if the problem persists I will try to escalate it to the Spotify team.


Yes, I've looked up some solutions and the problem could be the SD card. I just did not expect it at first because I own two SD cards and both did not work correctly. On the other hand, they are both SanDisk.
In the meantime it would have been nice if there had been a solution to let at least Spotify run smoothly, but if there isn't, I will report back after I changed the SD card. Thanks!

I have the same problem. Spotify shouldn't loose data when the card is unmounted and reinserted. It shold just give a message saying card is unavailable and offline playback is not possible until the card is reinserted.
Google play implementation of sd card is much more solid. You can specify that the offline data should be saved on sd card and not let the app mistakenly decide it for you. Please fix this terrible implementation.

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