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Offline songs questions

Offline songs questions

I was just curious if I removed tracks from a playlist that I have downloaded for offline use, if Spotify also removes those tracks from my phone. Or if they are still saved on my phone somewhere. Thanks.
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Hello and welcome.


All your offline music will stay on your phone. If you need to remove everything there is option to do this in settings.

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Ok, thanks. I use Tidal too, and when I delete a song from a playlist, it also erases that file. That's a great feature for me, since I use one playlist mainly in both. I just remove tracks from the top and add tracks to the end. It definitely makes it easier when the removed tracks are also undownloaded as I go instead of having to remove the whole playlist from offline and redownload it.

Hi there. If you remove an offline track from a playlist it will remain on the phone for a while, but will eventually be removed from the phone... Normally after a few days.

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