Opening Spotify crashes and restarts my HTC phone


Opening Spotify crashes and restarts my HTC phone


It is just one of the things that happen when I start Spotify.

This particular behavior is the worst as the whole phone shuts down and restarts

when I try to open my Spotify App.


I am a premium user and I never had any problems with Spotify (I loved it!) until the (forced) update

last April 2014. After that, things went downhill.


1. All my downloaded songs are gone.  Playlists are intact but it's hard for me to download. Everytime I close the app,

it starts downloading again, and seems to download forever (even with only 24 songs). Even with 4G or via Wifi. I used to download

100 songs with ease.


2. Streaming sucks. I play just one song and it stops midway. I play it again, the progress bar seems to be moving,

but no sounds coming out of it. Have to press forward and back button to play it with sounds. Sometimes it works after I do the forward and back more than once.


3. Some downloaded songs play but others with no sound at all. I have to press forward and rewind to make it play with sounds. And when it plays, it loses its sounds midway. I mean, what is the concept of having a 'downloaded song' if it works almost like a slow streaming app?


4. This is not just a GLITCH but more of a regular ocurrence.



Phone: HTC Butterfly S

OS: Android 4.4.2

Spotify-version: Always the latest public version.

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Re: Opening Spotify crashes and restarts my HTC phone

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Have you tried a clean install? This would be the first stage I would take.... there are a couple of guides around on how to do this, also a link in my sig

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Re: Opening Spotify crashes and restarts my HTC phone

Did you manage to find a fix?