Playback pauses immediately using Spotify Connect on Samsung Multiroom Speakers (WAM351/551/751)

Playback pauses immediately using Spotify Connect on Samsung Multiroom Speakers (WAM351/551/751)


Plan - Premium (Family)

Country - Norway



Samsung S5, S9+, S21 Ultra, PC, one iphone

Operating System

(iOS version unknown (visiting friend), Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

Playback immediately pauses when using/casting to Spotify Connect. 


Good evening everyone!
I'm reaching out to you all for help with an issue thats been giving me all sorts of flak from my kids and my wife. Around in our house and in the kids room we've enjoyed the use of multiroom speakers from Samsung. We've got 1x WAM351, 4x WAM551 and 2x WAM751, bought over the last couple of years and they have been perfect in their use, casting from pc or phone using the Spotify Connect functionality availably in the speakers.

Then, the last month or so (can't recall the date exactly), when we tried connecting and playing some music for the kids the playback just pauses immediately upon connecting to any of the speakers, too much grief and frustration.

So i've googled pages up and down, and tried just about everything available.

  • Uninstalled Spotify in basic way (just uninstall)
  • Uninstalled Spotify in advanced ways (emptying cache before uninstalling,++),
  • logged out everywhere several times
  • rolled back to a spotify app version when i was sure this worked (ie. january, ver. 8.6.94 using an apk install on Samsung S5 device), all devices currently using (official app from Play Store).
  • uninstalled and reinstalled the samsung multiroom app
  • i've reset all of the speakers (several times). At the moment i've set up only one, to further attempts at troubleshooting. Speaker is at ver. "WAM750WWB-3117.1/87R"
  • i've attempted setup using  different wifi
  • i've attempted different phones (S3,S5, S9+, S21 Ultra)
  • I've disconnected apps in the spotify account.


Connecting to the speakers in the spotify app using a mobile device or the pc works like it always has, but pressing play does nothing. Can connect to and fro phone to pc like expected, but when choosing the samsung speakers, playback pauses.

Any tips on resolving the issue, or need for further details to investigate, will be accepted with extreme gratitude 🙂


happy kids = happy wife = happy life.


Best regards,






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Hey there!

I'm also facing exact same issue.

I reached out to the support and they keep looping me over deleting the app cache, reinstalling the app, try from different device etc. Now it is evident that it is not the ISP who is the culprit, since I'm from a different ISP provider and I also have the same issue. 



Until the issue is resolved, do not log out from the app. If you do, you won't be able to login from the app. I'm using Samsung galaxy s21 ultra, although tried from different devices. 


Hey, rahulraj90!

"Nice"  to see i'm not alone in my predicament 😉 however, i'm not experiencing troubles login in on any devices, luckily.


several people having this issue, I fear abandoned speaker support from Samsung and some update from Spotify.


Hmmm, I have the same issue with LG SP9YA Soundbar. Amazon Music, Deezer, Chromecast works. Spotify doesn't. I run out of devices to reset. Still doesn't work.

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