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Playlist / Download issue

Playlist / Download issue

Hello everyone,


First of all I just downloaded Spotify today and therefor my knowledge might leak a bit although I've been searching online for a solution of this problem but couldn't find any so I'll give it a shot explaining it as good as possible.


When I create a playlist of let's say 10 songs, and 5 of those I copied from Spotify just by adding those numbers to playlist X. And add 5 numbers that I already have on my computer to playlist X. It works just fine on my PC and plays everything.. But here is the thing when I open Spotify on my mobile (android) and give the option download playlist it only downloads the 5 numbers from what is known to Spotify. How come? friends said it should be possible to add your owns aswell.



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You have to sync your local tracks. Connect your android to the same WiFi network as your computer, open the app on your android and go to the desktop client, under the devices section your device should appear, click it and select sync this device with Spotify 🙂

You can then select the playlists to sync 🙂

For some reason I'm not able to press on that option. I'm at the screen that now shows 2 option 1 being the Ipod connection and the other one Iphone and Android. But it won't allow me to click on it and nothing else happends aswell.

No, the device will appear in the submenu, you don't click anything 🙂

I really can't seem to find it maybe due an week wifi connection or I'm so terrible blind/stupid I don't know but the menus at the side remains the same. 


On a side note is this the only option?



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