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Playlist Shuffle Button changed / not working

Playlist Shuffle Button changed / not working






Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Operating System

Android 12


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The shuffle button in playlists has changed. Now theres the button to turn of shuffle next to the original shuffle button. The original one can now also only be shuffled ONCE. If you tap it again it just pauses the current song. So the shuffle button has become a glorified play button that shuffles only the first time you press it.


Normally I press the shuffle button multiple times until I start the playlist with a good song, but now I'm forced to start with the one that it shuffles the first time. If I now press it again it just pauses the song.


I also asked somebody else about it and they said that they once had the same problem, but it got reversed for them. Weird.

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Hey @Marlon-,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


It seems you've discovered a feature we're currently testing as we're constantly trying to improve the user experience in the app and we will make sure to pass your feedback to the right team. 


With the Shuffle and Play button being separated, you can always start the playlist in Shuffle mode by activating the Shuffle button and clicking on a random song in the playlist.


Hope this clears thing up,



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What if we don’t like it, how do we give feedback? I hate the change and would prefer the old system

Hey @DarkJay,


Your feedback has already been passed on to the right folks! 🙂

And in regards to your original conundrum:
For the time being, even in Shuffle Mode we can still skip any song by tapping the button 'Next'. It will jump to another randomized song.
It's not ideal but it's the only suitable workaround we have for this at the moment.

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Wouldn’t that be a safety hazard having to look through a playlist to pick a song when a button would be safer and faster and easier you guys are just asking for accidents to happen we’re not supposed to be on her phone that’s the point

I started having the same problem a few days ago. Quite annoyed that Spotify haven't seemed to have published a method for it to go back to normal.

I agree, there should be a way to revert back to the original shuffle. I have too keep logging out and then back in, but the shuffle doesn't remain for long and I am back to the new version. Does anyone know when they will go back to the original shuffle, or at least give an option to use the old version

For me, it has been very counterintuitive to what we had before, it was a specialized shuffle button at any time and now, it is a play/pause/shuffle button, see the issue?

I am a dance teacher and my playlist is huge. I used the “add to queue” when shuffling through my songs to create a list needed for which genre Im teaching in. I would get inspired whilst hitting the shuffle button as the tracks would play out and it meant my music choices were fresh daily. NOW I have to manually scroll through my playlist and select music based on the title alone, it’s time consuming and it means a huge portion of my playlist is forgotten about. 

yeah i have the same isue and it is still the same i hate this new system, i want it back

We want the old system back PLEASE

Seems everyone wants the old system back. New isn't always improved guys.

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