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Playlists not syncing

Playlists not syncing

The playlists between my desktop and Android Spotify aren't syncing since applying the latest Android update. I create a playlist in the desktop and it doesn't update on the phone and also create a playlist on the phone and it doesn't update on the desktop client. Even updating existing playlist that have synced with no problem before the update don't acknowledge the added files in the phone Spotify?

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I'm wondering if there is an issue with the playlist servers at the moment as I am having this problem for the last couple of hours but was able to sync changes made on my PC to my phone last night. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

just spent an hour or 2 re-jigging and tidying up my playlists / folders etc and same prob....from DT to mob...... the glitches i have encountered in the last few days however, do seem to be rectified by the following morning .... so fingers crossed 

I'm having the same problem. Mytouch 4g running MIUI.

I get a similar issue where I create a playlist on the desktop, mark it as available offline via Devices and its all good while I have an internet connection. The songs download fine and I can play them back.


As soon as I do not have a connection, these playlists are no longer available to listen to offline.  When I am back online again, they're back and available.


This has only started to happen since the new version.

There are alot of people telling they have problems with playlists etc and the new version. I myself am using the older version of the app in my Galaxy Note and the new version in my HTC Sensation + Windows client (newest)
Playlists work and I have yet to have any problems (other than the new version isn't as good as it needs to be - too many features are M.I.A that were there before the ground shattering upgrade)


Anyways, I think there has to be some sort of problems since people wouldn't be complaining for nothing.


Hopefully some Spotify Staff would help out since they can check the systems statuses.

Could be only few back-end servers are mixed up -> if your request of a playlist goes to a mixed up server -> it doesn't work

or if users are categorized somehow on the back-end servers...

                                                                      IDEAS: Device Management | Recover Deleted Items

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I have same issue with recent update... Please fix... Just got ICS also on my Evo 3d with this spotify update....  Also some songs don't cache/download for some reason to the phone from my playlists... how come?

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