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Please fix chromecast with Spotify


Please fix chromecast with Spotify

Spotify has always been buggy with chromecast.

- It looses connection

- Often can't adjust volume without reconnecting to the chromecast. Or you must use the Google Home app.

- You must force close the app to discover cast devices when you come back home

- Spotify often shows a different song under "now playing" than what's actually being played

- Can't adjust volume if connected to a group of chromecasts. Workaround is using the Google Home app, but this is awfully cumbersome


I have never seen a changelog where you tell anything specific about fixing chromecast connectivity.

Do you ever update the Google Cast API? Have you (developers) tried Spotify with casting devices yourself? Can you honestly say that "yeah, everythings fine"? The biggest music streaming service in the world should not settle with the stability and performance of the chromecast support before it is as good or better than the Google Music app.


I think I'm not the only customer who'd wish for a less buggy experience using Spotify with casting devices.


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Hey everyone, thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. 


If you're experiencing pausing while using Chromecast, please move over to this thread. Be sure to click +VOTE at the top so we know how many folks are having this issue. Please also post in the thread with the requested information. 


If you're experiencing something other than pausing while using Chromecast, please start a new thread with [Chromecast] in the subject line. We have multiple issues being reported in this thread and we need to have one thread per issue. That way we can better pass this along to our teams. 


Thanks for your help getting this information together so we help get this resolved. 

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Having the same problem. Restarting spotify once (killing it in the recent apps) usually doesn't work. However, when I restart the app three times it consistently manages to connect afterwards. Other apps work without problems. Clearly, this is a problem with the app rather than the Chromecast. Just add a refresh button or something, especially since restarting the app works.

I use an iPhone and a Mac to connect to my Chromecast Audio. My iPhone can see the Chromecast and connect to it, and music starts playing. However, I cannot skip forward, backwards, pause, skip song, etc. Nothing works. Sometimes I cannot even disconnect from it...


My Mac is connected to the same WiFi network and cannot even see the Chromecast, although Google Chrome sees it fine. I've updated/reinstalled all apps, but nothing changed. Even the Web Player has the same issue as the iPhone.


Chromecast, OS and apps are all up to date...I hope this gets fixed soon, as I became a Spotify user because of Chromecast Audio support, and Apple Music doesn't support it. It's a shame it is not working as I have really liked the service so far.

Hi. You'll do better to post in the iOS and/or desktop sections.

This problem also includes Android

Having same issues, especially while playing any Daily Mix. Spotify looses synchronization with Chromecast very often. Workarounds are cumbersome. This is ongoing form months, at least... 

This is really bad.  It has always been buggy and I've been patient, but every single app except spotify works fine with chromecast audio.


The latest android update from spotify has officially killed the chromecast capability.  Forcing stop no longer works, restarting my network and all my chromecast devices also doesn't work. For me, the connection is made, and I hear the tone that indicates connection, however spotify never resolves from "Connecting" and eventually times out going back to "Devices Available".  I can actually press the "play" button in the google home control notification and it will pick up the right song, so it seems to have all the info it needs, but at that point it seems to be an incomplete handshake and I have no way to control the music from Spotify.


I'm a premium subscriber with a family plan.  I really like Spotify because it knows me well (and I'm a picky dude when it comes to music).  That being said I've been frustrated by the buggy integrations before and this one might be the last straw.  Since I can no longer listen to music in my own house I'm switching to a music service that works with my audio devices.  If I can get another service to figure out my taste in music before this gets fixed then bye bye subscription.



I switched to Android after 10 years of a happy iOS user.

And this is the only thing makes me regret my decision - Spotify on Chromecast.


iOS Chromecast support wasn't (isn't) great; but I never expect the Chromecast support on a Pixel 2 can be this bad and far worse than on an iPhone. Basically not having it maybe better than having it in terms of UX.


Please do fix this bug, or may just remove it.


What worries me (and angers a bit at this time already) is an approach of Spotify support/developers to this issue. I know bugs do happen and it's understandable to see them. But this lack of acknowledgement and just some basic information about ongoing (hopefully it is ongoing...) problem resolution is purely frustrating. We are (a lot of us) a Premium customers paying for the service, I believe it would be fair to see at least some assurance issue is acknowledged and being investigated after so many months it was initially reported.


If anyone from Spotify is reading this - please be fair with your customers. We do not expect miracles, but don't leave us hanging like this. It's both unfair and somewhat rude. I am afraid you may lose people (customers and folks supporting you in overal) over time due to this approach. Being number One doesn't mean you should manifest "don't have to care" attitude.


Thank you.


I'm considering moving away from Spotify to a different service due to Spotify's poor Chromecast support.  It is that bad for so long!

Please look into this, its been getting worse and worse over time to the point where it is bordeline unplayable to listen to spotify on my home speakers.


It will take a good few tries to get a song to play on chromecast and after that you can forget skipping a track or changing the volume as it will completely screw things up. Its not a good experience at all.

Same problems here. And the most annoying of them is the song stuttering, sometimes more than 5s ou even total lost of conectivity...

I don't understand why the largest music streaming service can't get this right. Casting to my chromeast audio devices never just works. I always have to kill and restart the Spotify app first. When it works, adjusting the volume doesn't work most of the time. In all other music apps I use (e.g. play music), streaming to chromecasts and volume adjustment works just fine. Please please fix this - the other music apps don't have such a great mix of the week 😕

The only way I am able to play Spotify on Chromecast without any issues, is to Mirror Cast my Android Phone Screen and Audio. This way, Spotify works like a charm!


The casting with Spotify Connect through the Spotify app is terrible! Never works properly.

I started a free month Play Music. Chromecast works great. Quick and stable. If Spotify doesn't fixt it this month of even't admit they have a problem with chromecast I switch definitly to Play Music!


Not sure what's going on but this issue is definitely NOT solved. Either someone marked it by the mistake or somebody is trying to sweep this problem under the carpet....


Dear Spotify, we are still experiencing Chromecast problems. Please treat this as an open and serious issue.


Also, I suggest every premium user to report this via mail to the support team. Hopefully this will be solved sometime soon, it's terrible and annoying. 

I recently bought the Chromecast Audio, but after a while the volume control stops working (with Samsung S6). I'm considering buying a bluetooth receiver again...

Exact same problem here. I can only get connection when I restart my phone. Killing the app from recent apps does not work anymore. 


If someone knows a workaround for how to make chromecast visible on the 'devices" view without rebooting the phone, then please share.

Go to the Spotify app information and click on force stop. It should fix
the problem and the cc will show up available to the Spotify again.

A quick way to do that is hold the Spotify app icon and drag on that "i" on
the top, for the information.

What people have been saying in this post is that this force stop no longer
works as a solution.

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