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Podcasts interrupting music play

Podcasts interrupting music play

I just selected some podcasts last night, but didn't download them. Now I'm listening to a playlist in shuffle and one of the podcasts keeps starting at the end of every song! Plus, I have to manually go back to the music playlist every time. Is this due to the shuffle mode or something else and how do I make it stop? I have premium and use an android.
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Hey - it sounds like the podcast has made it into your play queue. If it has, remove it and things should work as you expect.

I’m having the same problem on my iPhone. I listened to one Kyle & Jackie O podcast and started following, and ever since I just get random podcasts of theirs playing in the middle of all my other playlists. I have since stopped following their podcast and it still does the same thing. I have checked the queue every time this happens and there are no podcasts, just the songs from the playlist. I have to go to the playlist and re-shuffle every time. I’ve looked through settings and there doesn’t appear to be anything I can change to stop this from happening. I follow and listen to other podcasts on Spotify and this has never happened. Very frustrating.. please help!! 🙏🏼



Any idea how to stop this happening please


Most annoying to the point of cancelling Spotify


Podcasts interrupting music play continually




Hey there @Suggyfog,


Thanks for posting in the Community!


Could you describe the exact issue you're currently facing? Could you also confirm for us that your queue is all clear so that we can exclude that as a reason for the issue?
Do the podcasts appear in a playlist alongside songs?
A video or a screenshot will definitely also come in handy.

We'll be on the lookout for your response.
Many thanks!

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I am having the same issue. I asked a music playlist to play and after the first song, a random podcast will play. I can't see a way to dismiss it, and if I slide to the end of the podcast, a similar podcast plays next.


I don't seem  to have any way to navigate to a play queue, and I don't have premium at this time (the linked page showed a solution to display and edit play queue for premium users but didn't seem to have anything for basic users).


Regardless, in my opinion, if I pick a new playlist, that should override other lists. Play queue should have a separate control to launch it and not insert itself into other play lists.


Additionally, music and podcasts should be defaulted to separate play lists unless the user specifically combines music and podcasts onto the same list. 

Hey @Kaija8,


Thanks for the reply and the provided feedback. You can find out here how your feedback can reach Spotify. 


On the issue with the podcast episodes getting played in between tracks, could you tell us how big the playlist you are playing is?


Do you have Autoplay enabled or disabled? Here is more on that.


Does the same happen with a different account?


Keep us posted,



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