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Poor app

This has been brewing inside me for a long time. I've been a premium member for about two years because honestly, the service for the price is hard to beat. But for well over a year, the app is horrendous. It's become exacerbated because I've been living in a relatively remote place with poorish access to the internet, but the quality of the app is inexcusable. It is slow beyond belief. There's no reason for it. If I am in a place where I can easily watch a YouTube video, there is no logical reason the spotify app should take upwards of 2 minutes to try and load my homepage before telling me "I'm not connected to the internet." This problem, though, is not limited to when I have poor wifi. It is when I have great wifi or a great mobile data connection. It takes a completely unreasonable amount of time to load a homepage before either failing to realize it is, in fact, connected to the internet or realizing it only to make me wait another several moments to attempt to load an artist's page so that I can shoddily stream a few songs with frequent pauses for buffering. It's completely inexcusable. I have no idea if this is the right place for this post, but I needed to get that off my chest. I don't like giving google any more money than I need to, but if this issue is not resolved, I will absolutely be switching to google play.

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That's pretty frustrating. Have you enabled data saver? If that doesn't help, try web player. 

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