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Problems with the app since the recent update

Problems with the app since the recent update




 The Netherlands


( Samsung Galaxy 8 )

Operating System

( Android 8.0.0 )


My Question or Issue

Since the recent update has the app a lot of bugs.

For example: When out of the app, the bar with pauze and skip etc. can sometimes dissapear. When opening the app that sometimes resets and the bar comes back but it doesn't always work, so you have to restart the app and then it will work again properly. But that is not the only thing. When you are using multiple devices and you would like to switch, you select the device you would like to play music on. But when you press play of somehow sets itself back into the previous device you were listening on. 

Another problem I have with the app that happends more frequently since the new update is that the music will play trough after the app has been fully closed. The music will last for about 5 seconds and then stops. Also the function; when opening another app and playing audio with that same app the music should automaticly stop, but that doesn't always happen anymore.


I've red the reviews in the play store about spotify and a lot of people with a Samsung device seem to also have troubleshooting with the app since the last update.


Please have a look at that, I would really apreciate it if this problems would be fixed. 

Thank you in advance!




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Hey @elianvdl.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community 🙂


Since this is an issue that our tech folks are currently looking into, we recommend you head on over here and:


  • add a +Vote to show that you are experiencing it
  • leave the requested info in the thread




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