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Randomly stops

Randomly stops

For some reason over the last month, my spotify likes to just pause until I pull my phone out my pocket. 


At first I thought maybe my bluetooth headphones were broken but it works perfectly so long as my screen is on then it stops. It likes to pause randomly and restart too.


I've read posts suggesting I clear my data and reinstall. I have 5500 tracks downloaded so I won't be doing that. It has nothing to do with that either as the problem is relatively new. I've been using my bluetooth headset for 6 months now so I know it isn't that.


I also saw a post suggesting I take it off my battery optimisation list or not have battery saving mode on. Two things - I've always used these two settings and again never had an issue and secondly, when I did turn that all off, I used 14% battery in 15 minutes. My phone is a year old and it's the only app that destroys my battery. 


Can Spotify please fix this issue rather than making their users do things which they've never had to do to solve the problem and take some accountability for what is clearly a very frustrating bug.

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Hey, @ClaudioAlves 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

I'm not sure about what kind of issue you're experiencing with the app... Could you provide more detailed information about the issue and your device informations?

Let me know what is your device model and OS version, also it would be great if you provide the app version you're using on your device and finally if you currently using an Beta/Alpha version of Spotify...

Best Regards,

LuanSpotify Star
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Samsung Galaxy S8


Android Version: 9 (I thought this would be 9.x.x but it seems it's just 9)


I wouldn't know how to check if the app is beta or production level. There isn't a beta version n teh Play Store (I've just checked) so I would assume it is the production level version.


I have just seen an update was released a week ago so I will see if this makes any difference.


Ok, I didn't send this and have since updated the app to version and it has made no difference. This time, I was reading news and the music just paused. All songs are downloaded so internet shouldn't make a difference.


I also noticed one or two songs don't play when I'm offline although they show as downloaded with the green arrow. When I'm online, they play though.

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