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Release Notes - Spotify for Android (

Release Notes - Spotify for Android (

What's new in this version:
  • New: Now you can control playback from the notification area. Skip and be happy. Android version 4.1 and above.
  • Fixed: Some troublesome Facebook login issues.
  • Fixed: A bug that could cause a white screen just when you least expected it.
  • Improved: Radio performance.
  • Fictitious (or is it?): This app can be controlled using telepathy.



As always, if you're having trouble with an update, please always make sure to go through the [Android] Troubleshooting Spotify steps before posting

Community Ergo Sum
31 Replies

Wondered hen you would post this 🙂

Just a note, you need to expand the notification to see full controls 😉

Always great to see when Spotify has a new update and its not related to language localization 😛

By any chance can you be a more specific on how the radio was improved? Thank you.

Shuffle and repeat bug isn't fixed 😞 

After the new version installed, I'm no longer able to use Spotify in the background and Google navigation in the foreground.


I use Google Navigation very frequently, and previously, I would turn on Spotify, then load up Google Navigation to get me to my location with Spotify playing my music in the background.  I've done this many times with no issues, even on multi-hour road trips.  With the latest version (installed yesterday), after Google Navigation starts up in the foreground, Spotify turns off in the background after 10-20 seconds.  It just stops playing.


Where can I download the previous version (where landscape was introduced), as the new version (which of course, I'm paying for) is unusable for me with that aforementioned bug?


Also, and possibly unrelated, why does Spotify stay in the notification area, even after you close out Spotify?  Is that a bug, or is that done by design?  I would think that when you closed out Spotify, it should disappear for the notification area also.


By the way, my device is the EVO 4G LTE.

Improved: Radio performance.

Does this mean that radio now doesn't play same artist over and over, over and over and over and over again??? If, good. Otherwise nooooo!

New: Now you can control playback from the notification area. Skip and be happy. Android version 4.1 and above.


There is no need to use skip, if you listen my hand-picked handzup playlist. Also I use Android 2.3.6 and there is only cover image now in this view, however I can pause, skip and change volume from my bluetooth headphones 😉

Hey guys is there a link available for the android apk for this update? I can't seem to get it to update.

I hate to seem ungrateful but, considering that the notification only works with Jellybean, I'm a little sad that Google's design guidelines weren't followed. 


" conjunction with "swipe-to-dismiss", helps users to streamline their notification triaging experience." but we can't swipe, we have a close button instead.


"You can specify a maximum of three actions..." so the incongruous close button takes the place of a 'back' button. Good job that telepathy control is included 🙂


With my Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000, with stock (but uncluttered) 2.3.5 rom, the blank screen/white screen went back after less than 24 hours of use. version works fine, meaning fine with acknowledging the regular lag when searching or playing music.

Why can't android users get ford sync/applink support? Do we pay less than ios users?

When I updated to this release, I've noticed that music will stop playing at random. At first I thought spotify was having trouble between tracks, but I have noticed that it stops in the middle of songs as well.


When these errors occur, it doesn't matter if I'm using the phone or not. I'm not able to trigger it with any sort of action.


After the song stops, I go into spotify from either the notification bar or the app icon itself. The screen goes black, then pops up with a song and album picture. Sometimes the song is one I listened to a few tracks ago, sometimes it's from a completely different playlist or radio station that I was listening to previously.


Edited to add: I'm using a Samsung S Relay

When i updated to this version of spotify music keeps stopping right away when i go to some app. This happens with all my apps in my phone. I can only listen spotify when im in the spotify app. And few friends say they have the same problem. We all are using galaxy s3.

Seriously its not fun to use this version. Playback stops like every song. Especially when I do something else on my device, and with something I mean anything! If Spotify is not in the foreground it just stops playing!


Please fix this bug or give us the last release back! It drives me crazy when I cant listen to music in the morning.


Thanks for your efforts


Spotify for Android doesnt support metadata (song information) via bluetooth.

Can't understand why this is so hard to fix, any regular media player on my Samsung Galaxy S3 supports this and works on all my units.

Same problem here. 

Using a Samsung Galaxy 3

Same here...


LG P990

I just cannot understand why the spotify player is so buggy, featureless and so poor user friendly.

I've seen plenty of media players all these years, and it's difficult to make it so bad.

I mean: I am not a programmer, nor a chef. And if I go to a restaurant and find that the food is lousy, I will try the chef to make it better with my comments and feedback.

But if this chef cannot do it better, then maybe he has reached his top level.

The same is for Spotify: can they do it better?

There are three different areas:

1.- The storage and management of such a collection of music (the contents).
2.- The delivering of such contents trough the (inter)net.
3.- The way the contents are offered to the user (the player).

I know that third parties could affect the first two areas, because the contents are not always provided Spotify would want, and the network carriers have their own way of working, but...

There is no one to blame for the player app but Spotify.

And no matter if your restaurant has the best food of the world: if it's not well cooked, and the staff cannot give a good service, people just won't go stay going there for much.

same here, every 2-3 minutes the app stops playing. 

the last update is a f*cking joke. i cant use the app in this conditions, its useless. 

how long can it take to fix this? just rollback to the old version if you cant fix it fast.

why should i continue paying for premium? 

the hole android app is a joke since the beginning, every update new bugs, new android features taking forever until you implement it. 


at least give us date when this bug will be fixed.... 

Same problem here. When I change to another foreground app the spotify doesn't stay in ram.


Huawei u8800

Android 4.2.2 (cm10.1)

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