Release Notes - Spotify for Android (2.6.0)

Release Notes - Spotify for Android (2.6.0)




What's new in this version (2.6.0)


  • New: Play Spotify in your Android Auto equipped vehicle. Just connect a compatible Android phone and you're ready to roll.


Note: There is a new version in the Play Store with a jump from 2.5 to 2.6 but the changelog posted is the same as 2.5. I'll update this once the official changelog does.

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Why not to add some Song preview options to Spotify, like in iPhone?


I don't have even a car, so these car options as updates are only great jokes for me 😄



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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

sbrucherseifer also includes a fix for Connect: the volume slider displays the volume of a remote speaker correctly now in the Spotify Connect view. It used to display a volume of zero until a volume change.

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