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Remove podcasts from main home screen

Remove podcasts from main home screen

I want this gone. I opened it today and it just gets in the way of where my usual daily mixes are.

I never listen to podcasts, and don't intend on starting now. No interest.


To make things worse, one that showed up is called "guys we f*cked". I don't want this filth on my phone screen, and my girlfriend got really mad at me when she saw it. 


Is there a way to completely remove podcasts from the home screen? 

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To add to this, now a list called Podcasts after dark has appeared on my home screen, which my girlfriend just saw and has now broken up with me. I hope you're happy. I'll be taking legal action.

I just found this problem too! I’m really peeved, I’m 13 and I have a “Let’s talk about **bleep**” section ON THE TOP OF MY HOME SCREEN. I want this garbage removed, but I can’t find an option for how. I’m a premium member too. This is absolutely ridiculous, please SCREEN your content! I don’t want this ruining my home screen every time I go to look at it!

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