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Remove top podcasts suggestions

Remove top podcasts suggestions

Smack dab in the middle of the homescreen is "Your Top Podcasts". It seems to list any podcasts unrelated to what you actually listen to. The suggestions are often inappropriate and embarassing. 

This issue has been brought up countless times in the past year. Nothing has been implemented to address this problem. I'm beginning to think that it is not due to an inability to implement an option to "hide" suggestions, but instead Spotify is being paid to advertise these podcasts. So tough luck. 


This is ridiculous. Fix this sht or lose your patrons.

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You are terrible, this is insane behavior. WOW I'm no longer recommending spotify and I'm looking for other apps.

Go pound sand with**bleep**.

@Jeremy As far as I can tell, you're posting the same template answer on every thread about this issue for years now. When will you guys care? This is not a difficult change whatsoever. You can't force feed your propaganda on your paid customers

we have been voting for years and no one is listening but they are still taking our money for the service I see. why aren't they doing their jobs? listen to the people and do as they ask what's so hard about that? here's proof that they don't listen and doner care. we have been complaining about this since 2019.

Why does support keep marking these solved ?

I am tired of seeing garbage political podcasts from people I despise when I open your app.

I am deleting my spotify account today, f you spotify.

I've come into this debate late & am both shocked and surprised (or maybe I shouldn't be?) at for how long this point, this simple request has been raised by paying customers & so arrogantly treated by Spotify. I use the app for music. That is how you sold it to me. So why is it, when I open the app, I'm assailed by a load of podcast 'suggestions' that I am not interested in and never will be. Am sick of the sight of Ricky Gervais's gurning face confronting me when I am looking to stream music. wth has he to do with it? Him and countless others. I don't pay you for them to hire face space & to promote their views on my IT. Why isn't this service optional? It'd be simple enough for you to have a tick box 'Show Available Podcasts" -and you know it. All this nonsense about "Hi....this will show you how we listen". You don't. 

Spotify:  Please give me the option to remove Jordan Peterson's and Joe Rogan's faces from the front page of a service I pay for.  I subscribe to Spotify to listen to music of my choosing, not to have right-wing ignoramuses forced upon me because they're on your payroll.

fixed it for you:


This is bull **bleep**, 2 years later and no fix for this. They know about the problem and just say "Thanks for your feedback." They give us a place to vote and no additions since. A company like this should act like they care just little bit. No one wants to listen to you shtty podcasts that are just insulting. Fixing problems that cause people to delete the app deserve more attention and of course it gets none. No one will read or care about this message because that is how these, "We care about your feedback," BS things work.

Hi there folks,

Thank you for your replies and feedback.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall and we’re constantly aiming to improve our features. We’re sorry that this means you’re not able to use Spotify like you wish to do at the moment.


There's currently two idea - [All Platforms] Customize Start Screen and [Mobile][Other] Remove or manage “Your top podcasts” from mobile home screen. You can head over to the ideas and leave a +VOTE to show your support for the ideas and Subscribe to the ideas for any updates.


You can read more about how the feedback reaches Spotify here.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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2 years, if not longer. costumers have been asking for a feature that shouldn't even be hard to implement and their only response is "solution not yet planned". what a nice way to tell us to **bleep** off, I and I'm sure many others appreciate being shoved advertised podcast down our throats

spotify wants to spam us with podcasts we don't listen to. its insane.

Honestly an awful "feature". I've waited for this to get removed for over a year.

Why podcasts of all things? Why can't I have control of customizing it? Why can't I remove it? Why the **bleep** does it put the blue "new content dot" on episodes I've already listened to?

I listen all day long and I've paid for Spotify premium for years, but I'm going over to Apple Music. Exact same price with less absurdity.

Also vote here:


Sadly, Spotify are highly likely to ignore this too.  They've spent millions buying up these podcasts and are seemingly going to try force us to listen to them.


This isn't how Spotify became as successful as they did in the first place.  It's a shame they're abusing their power.

It's very frustrating getting recommended toxic and misinformation spouting platforms masked as "Podcasts" come show in your home page every time you open the app. I just recently came back to Spotify Premium because I hope things would've improved but stuff just seems worse, and going off this thread and everything else.. I don't know what to say. 


I do not want right or even alt-right personalities spouting misinformation and spreading fear in my musical space. How hard is that to understand? Music is an escape for me and many people and yet we get forced this kind of garbage down our throats? And if its not big names, its our country's local version instead. I understand from a business sense why Spotify wants to recommend podcasts, especially those that they've bought exclusive licenses for but just give us the *option* if we have premium to disable podcast recommendations as well as recommendations based on our country. I


t's going to be on default and a lot of users won't mind but we who do mind makes this a legit question if we are going to stick with Spotify or move on. I'm going to keep looking into solutions even if that requires going beyond the setting page in Spotify to get rid of these podcasts. 


You say we should vote, and so we have for 2 years now. And all we can see is "Not right now" and feel ignored.

It seems that there are many users, like me, who use spotify exclusively for music. I've never listened to a podcast and have no desire to do so.

The insistent attempts to get us hooked on podcasts by putting it right there, on our home screens on any platform (mobile, in-car, desktop) only frustrates people. The net result will be that you lose customers. This is a paying service which is not or no longer doing what we wanted it to do, so we'll move to an alternative.

The voting for solutions (that are trivial to implement) has yielded no results at all, so I'll be voting with my wallet instead. Bye!

Same. I've had some weird ass minecraft and fnf podcasts from kids in my home screen for months just becuase I heard a random podcast for like 5 seconds. I mean they aren't harmfull but idk, I don't want to see them everytime I open up Spotify. I wouldn't care if it showed normal podcasts or any other categories from the artists I hear that are below at the top of the home screen

I have only listened to one minute of a gut health podcast, once. I don't like listening to podcasts, since it's too distracting while working. But why, for the love of all that is holy, do you keep insisting on putting podcasts right at the top? Look at this image. This is what I have now been greeted with all week whenever I see the home page. Some woman's naked ass. How is this appropriate? Why is this getting pushed on me? And why, please, can't we disable it? I am so, so frustrated with this.




Hi there folks,


Thank you for your feedback.


As mentioned above, we suggest that you leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the ideas that been provided in the thread.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else in the meantime.

Take care!

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So what you're saying is you hear us and are soooooo sorry but ignore us for years. Between this and the absolute trash can that is your awful shuffle algorithm I really am looking for alternatives because spotify really doesn't deserve fifteen dollars a month for this anymore. 

Clearly NOT SOLVED. This is more than Android, this is for the desktop player as well.

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