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Requested song through Google home/assistant always plays twice

Requested song through Google home/assistant always plays twice




United States of America


Google pixel 2XL, Google home mini

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

Whenever I ask the Google Assistant to play a specific song through Spotify, the song will always play twice in a row. This is annoying because it never used to do that until a recent Spotify update. You can see from the attached screenshot that it queues up the requested song twice for some reason. This happens on my phone and both my Google home minis. I don't know what changed or how to fix it, so I think it's a bug. Can you investigate it please? 

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This is happening to me too. But I think I figured out it isn't Google... it's just when a song is requested directly, instead played within an playlist/album.

No matter how I get the song to play (google assist or manually), the requested song will play, then autoplay creates a station based on that song, where the first song is the same.

If the selected song is chosen from an album or playlist, that album or playlist will continue as normal (without duplication).

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