Rework the Mobile App to Function Like It Used to


Rework the Mobile App to Function Like It Used to


Now, I'm not the kind of person who usually writes complaints to  a company because I am pretty understanding and reasonable when it comes to corporate decisions, but the Spotify Mobile App is a disgrace to this company and everything it stands for. 


The reason I, and I'm sure many of you, have downloaded Spotify was because you wanted a service that offered free music. The advantage Spotify had over Itunes was free music with the compromise of ads to balance it out. I'm not here to complain about ads. Spotify has to make money some how if it is to keep providing us with free music. That logic makes sense to me. What I am complaining about is the poor excuses for a mobile app. I have never seen an app so far removed from its basic funtions. You see, I saw that Spotify had recently uploaded the entire Beatle's catelog. Being a huge fan I hopped on the app to download and listen to some of their music. Come to find out, I can't pick the songs I want to listen to. I was only allowed to shuffle the songs. That is right, I couldn't PICK the song I WANTED to listen to on the SPOTIFY APP! I figured, "fine, i'll add the song to the queue and skip to it". Found out you can't do this unless you buy premium. So, I just tried to just skip through until it landed on the desired song. Come to find out that this is not an option either. After skipping too many tracks, the listener is forced to listen to the song it is currently on. This hardly seems fair. All this conveys to the customer is that Spotify no longer cares about our needs, and only about how much money they can rake in. I would suggest Spotify re-works the app to function as it used to (i.e. no different from the computer app). I shouldn't have to pay Spotify to get the base functions that come with the computer app. This is just terrible and greedy business practices as I see it. Prove to the customer that you care about providing a service to them over the amount of cash they can fork out. I get that you all are a business and need to make money any way you can, but this just seems like you are taking advantage of your loyal customers. Removing ads is cause enough for buying premium, you don't have to force it on us. Change the app back, please. Many people seem upset and this is how you lose customers.....

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