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Saved on sd but thinks its on internal

Saved on sd but thinks its on internal

So my Spotify downloads the tracks to my sd card.
Android shows that the data is stored on my sd card when i look in the storage settings. But the data is withdrawn front my internal 32 gb.

I've done the usual thing like resetting, extreme quality etc.

Every gb i download to my sd is taken frame my internal memory.. The other Day i had 20gb of data on my 16 gb internal memory.

The problem is on my Sony xperia z3 and the z5

Does anyone know how to fix this? The notification 'internal memory is full' is really getting anoying.
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So I think no one has an awnser

I don't doubt that Spotify is using internal memory.

What confuses me is the first part of you post.

How do you know that data is being saved to SD? (what evidence do you see, what does Android "show", using which function or app?)

Is the data being duplicated in both internal and SD?


A bit more info would help.


And which version of Android is on your devices?

Was this ever resolved. Im having the same issue on my s7 edge

It isn't, but i got an htc 10 now, without the problem. Good luck!

Hey @Bigmacofcville it sounds like the bug I reported here.

Does this problem persist even if you format the SD card as internal rather than portable does anyone know?

I have the issue too. Saves the data to both internal and SD card. So **bleep** frustrating.

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